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25 Fuss-Free Ways To Don Chic Desi Dressing Style For Daily Wear

by Fashionlady
Desi fashion for womens

Desi Dressing Style for womens
We Indians have shown the world how to calculate to accuracy, using the number ZERO. The buck didn’t stop rolling there ever since. Across most lifestyle habits, we have taught the world pretty much (take that phoreners), and we also taught the PYTs abroad how to dress boho-chic too, HA!

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Here are top 25 fuss free ways to emulate the desi fashion sense. Read on and dress to look cool!

1. Embroidered crop tops and a flowing skirt

Chic and comfy, perfect for the hot humid and sometimes very dry summers in our country! A short crop top with quirky embroidery and a long flowing skirt for the day, why not?

Embroidered crop tops and a flowing skirt-for-womens

Source: photoshotoh.com

2. A black one piece evening gown with karigari designs on the neck

As seen on the ‘Naeem Khan RTW Spring 2015’, the black long evening gown with white indie embroidery designs on the neck and the wrists, makes a wonderful impact for formal evening wear!

Desi Dressing karigari designs on the neck

Source: wwd.com

3. Patterns with indian designs on crop tops and long skirts

Cotton skirts that flow long and short crop tops for the summers look chic and cool. However, with indian motifs and designs or patterns on them.

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Desi Dressing indian designs on crop tops and long skirts

Source: buzzfeed.com

4. Metallic tone jackets on solid coloured ensembles

Solid coloured tops or bottoms or even monotone fashion statements look cool, but you can make it to the limelight with a little bling too.

Desi Dressing Style For Metallic tone jackets

Source: perniaspopupshop.com

5. Elegant with black and gold

For a formal event, pair a black top with full length sleeves and a long gown, embellished with gold embroidery.

Desi Dressing Elegant with black and gold

Source: neimanmarcus.com

6. Embroidered tops with jeans or skirts

Wear a padded blue embroidered blouse with jeans or shorts, even skirts as well.

Desi Embroidered tops

Source: etsy.com

7. Minimal cling and plenty of patterns

Cool, sexy and very feminine, that is what you should be while the summer months cruelly dance to its own song.

plenty of patterns Desi Dressing Style

Source: kiransawhney.com

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Chic Desi long flowing kurta Style

Source: perniaspopupshop.com

10. Jumpsuit with a desi twist

DJ Noreen Khan as seen in an Arabic inspired and desi touched jumpsuit twist, so sexy we tell you this ensemble for a party is! Thanks to Designer Zoya of Bham!

Chic Desi styles

Source: pinterest.com

11. Floral patterns for the summers

Loose floral tops and a long flowing skirt with floral patterns for the bottom, summers are fun now!

Chic Desi Floral patterns

Source: dailymail.co.uk

12. Full-length crop tops and jodhpuri pants

Total swag we say this fashion statement is! Calm and cool, touches of patterns on the tops and tailored jodhpuri pants below for the breezy effect!


Chic Desi jodhpuri pants for womens

Source: wordpress.com

13. Urban chic desi style

Black short embroidered kurti and harem shorts till the knees!

Urban chic desi style

Source: thesartorialist.com

14. Vintage desi skirts with white cotton shirts

Full-length white shirts and a saree-inspired embossed skirt!

Vintage desi skirts style

Source: gstatic.com

15. Large flowers on the top and skinnies below

Makes a fashion statement for the college goers this summers!

Desi Dressing Style For Daily Wear

Source: pinimg.com

16. Psychedelic crop tops with denims

Skinnies for the bottoms and psychedelic crop tops for the event tonight!

Chic Desi Psychedelic crop tops

Source: costumecollection.com.au

17. Embroidered flimsy anarkali tops with boots

Walk in those boots and strut your fashion sense, with utmost confidence and grace

Chic Desi anarkali tops with boots

Source: hippiechic.com.es

18. Fishermen pants and faded sleeveless tops

Quite boho-chic and very comfy for the summers

Chic Desi Fishermen pants

Source: deviantart.net

19. Bejewelled feet

Putting your best foot forward in style and with a shine!

Chic Desi Bejewelled feet

Source: hardpin.com

20. Chunky footwear

Spruce up the look with rhinestone sandals!

Chunky footwear desi womens

Source: glamour.com

21. Juties that doll up the feet

The floor kisses your feet when you go desi from top to toe!

Chic Desi Juties

Source: exclusively.in

22. Mirror bags

Chic, cute and very classy, mirror bags are a must-have!

Mirror bags Chic Desi womens

Source: tumblr.com

23. Ikat pants with flowing kurtas

Friday dressing can be fun too, ikat pants and a nice kurta with minimal accessories sans the fuss!

Chic Desi Ikat pants with flowing kurtas

Source: theglamourai.com

24. Desi bangles

Papier-mâché bangles for the college goers and trendy at heart!

Desi bangles

Source: akamaihd.net

25. Tassels for the long hair

Indian women are known for their gorgeous long hair, and with embellishments that too.

Chic Desi Tassels for the long hair

Source: indiebazaar.com

And that was a list we brought to you. Have fun, be yourself and flaunt the desi hotness in you!

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