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Pretty Little Liars – Fashion Statement from the telly show

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Pretty Little Liars Fashion Statement

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Remember Rachel’s changing, awesome hairstyles throughout the seasons of “Friends”? Or how Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic fashion statement in “Sex and the city” television series made her your favorite style icon in the nineties? Well, whether it be popular Sitcoms or fascinating drama series, the actors do stay with us long after the series are over in the form of their quirky one liners, on-screen romances, memorable character portrayals and fashion statements!

The latest American teen drama “Pretty Little Liars” has got the attention of teen girls all over the globe. This mystery thriller has four leading teen girls who have their own individual style statement and drool-worthy clothes & accessories! For all those girls who absolutely adore this telly series and are hooked to the girl’s fashion statements, here’s a mini guide on everything you want to know about their fashion! From Aaria’s boho chic to Emily’s impeccable fashion sense, we cover it all!

1. Hanna – The Glam Chic

With her fabulous transformation from a girl ridden with insecurity and weight issues to a gorgeous, confident girl, she has her own unique style! Her outfits are a blend of modernity, glamor and femininity. Hanna’s dressing style can be best described as eclectic and she sashays down like a teen diva in the school hallway. Her outfits are fun, girly, flirty with a sneak of glam.

Pretty Little Liars Fashion

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Hanna Outfits
Dressing like Hanna means standing out in a crowd with unique styling. She seems to be a big fan of layering and uses sassy belts to flaunt her waistline while wearing dresses or even on a blazer!

Girls, the blazer trend is in vogue nowadays and the best example of this fab fashion trend is Hanna. She puts on a structured jacket or boyfriend blazer on frilly dresses and feminine tops which balances out the whole look.

Another fashion cue, you could pick up from Hanna’s dressing style is the use of a singular solid color blue. She mix n matches her outfit pieces in different shades of blue and the end effect is stunning! You could find your own color which suits your complexion and personality.

Hanna MakeUp
She uses eye shadows which bring out the beauty of her lovely blue eyes. Girls, use an eyeshadow which makes the color of your eyes pop beautifully. She uses a sheer, understated pink gloss to make a natural, pretty smile. Have fun with bold colored and fun nails paints – Pain them bright the Hanna way!

2. Emily – Sporty Tomboy look

Underneath the squeaky clean image of a straight A-grader and obedient daughter, lies a turbulent person who is afraid of coming out in the open. In contradiction to her mysterious and secretive personality, her outfits are simple, accessible and easy to style.

Fashion Statement from the telly show

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Emily Outfits
Emily’s outfits are practical, easy to wear and suit the busy, athletic lifestyle she has at school. From cool cargo pants to sporty sweatshirts, she rocks the casual look! But her clothes have a modern look and she balances the overall effect well.

Staying true to the comfortable and practical dressing style, she wears cool off-the-shoulder tops, oversized cardigans in combination with skinny jeans or fitted minis. She accessories with stylish sneakers, large tote bags and subtle yet feminine pieces of jewelery.

Emily MakeUp
She is naturally gorgeous and doesn’t require much make-up. In accordance with her sporty and on-the-go lifestyle, she avoids the cakey make up look and just uses bronzer & blush for a natural glow. She either lets her hair loose or pulls it up in a cool ponytail which enhances her features.

3. Spencer – Classic Style

Spencer has it all; an affluent family, achiever and Ivy league dreams. Her style is preppy but that doesn’t mean wearing pearl necklaces and pastel blouses. Her fashion statement is a modern take on the classic look and has a youthful touch to it.


Spencer Outfits
Confirming to her classic style, her wardrobe is full of natural colors and earthy tones: chocolate brown, burgundy, cognac, mustard yellow. She avoids looking like the dainty, saintly girl by wearing structured jackets and boyfriend blazers on pretty dresses. Her mini skirts are paired with lacy tights and leather oxfords! It is all about combining soft, feminine clothes with structured and modern accessories or clothing pieces.

pretty little liars fashion guide

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4. Aria Montgomery – Bohemian Chic

Her current fashion trend involves a soft, feminine side with urban accents and accessories. She wears clothes in leather, velvet and chiffon which are balanced out with zippered hells, motorcycle boots and chain handle bags.

pretty little liars fashion show

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She loves to layer up and experiments with different textures. Her clothes are all based on dark hues like black, brow, burgundy, plum and grays. She dresses up uniquely and adds bold elements to classic, soft, feminine clothes. From embellished chain shoulders on lacy dresses to fishnet knee-highs, she flaunts them boldly! She loves to try out a variety of leg wear which includes tights, thigh-highs, knee socks and ankle socks.

Aria Makeup Outfits

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By combining varieties of fabrics, colors and patterns, she layers up impressively creating her own style statement.

Aria Makeup
She uses eyeliner and rims her eyes with black or brown to give her eyes the enhanced and dramatic effect. Her thick and long lashes are acquired with quality mascara and curling them beautifully. She wears lots of eyeshadow which are based on matte and earthy colors. Her pout is painted a deep, dark color which compliments her skin tone. Her nails are always painted in dark grey, rich burgundy or plum. With nails painted in neutral and dark colors, she has noticeable, glamorous nails. Her hairdo is absolutely fantastic with big waves bouncing gloriously and a lovely lustre.

Now, you can try out any look from your favorite show ” Pretty Little Liars’ and look gorgeous!

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