Rain Fashion – Rainbow Accessories for Monsoon


With monsoon these days, the showers restrict us from stepping out in style. In order to jazz up your mood on a rainy day, I have come up with 7 rainbow accessories for monsoon to flaunt your rainy day fashion.

Monsoon Accessories

In India, summer is always accompanied with rain. And post June, comes the monsoon which brings along certain measures to take before stepping out. It’s time you updated your monsoon wardrobe whilst living by the rules.

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What Not to Wear During Monsoons

Stay away from the whites and definitely no leather footwear please, as the muddy roads will easily spoil your luxe accessories. With so many conditions, we just drop the idea of going out and instead chose to linger over a cup of coffee and watch TV.

Brighten up With Rainbow Accessories

Just as the sight of a rainbow is treat for the eyes after rain, when sun appears; similarly I have come up with 7 rainbow accessories in VIBGYOR shades to brighten up your mood in a rainy day.

There is perhaps no ideal option to bright up your look than vibrant accessories. And for the fashion enthusiast, who lives in a dark and rainy climate; the colorful elements are real mood lifters. And nothing could be the best shades than the 7 colors of rainbow for rainy day fashion.

Rainbow Accessories for Monsoon
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I have gathered the VIBGYOR accessories, inspired from the 7 colors of the rainbow for your monsoon wardrobe. Do have a look!

  1. Violet – shoes
  2. Indigo – scarf
  3. Blue – necklace
  4. Green – earrings
  5. Yellow – Multi finger ring
  6. Orange – watch
  7. Red – bag

1. Statement Shoes in Violet

As Radiant Orchid is the official color of 2014 declared by Pantone early this year; violet can be a classic approach to your rainy day fashion statement. Pick a pair of statement-making violet shoes. This bold shade will surely add a dramatic effect to the monochromatic look. You can either go for ballet flats or pumps in violet, whichever elevate your look.

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Rainbow Accessories for Monsoon
Source: pinterest.com

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2. Scarf in Indigo

If you thought scarves are only for summer to evade the scorching sun then you’re probably unaware about this versatile fashion accessory. A wrap-up doesn’t demand any specific season. Whether it’s a warm sunny day, winter or the wet day; the wrap-up is a fashion staple.

However, it’s the choice of fabric that matters. Add a scarf in linen, silk or cotton to your monsoon wardrobe. But keep it Indigo as per the rainbow tradition we are following today. While the color is bold and vibrant; the scarf will keep your look casual and warm at the same time from the breeze.

 rainy day fashion
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3. Statement Necklace in Blue

Over-sized necklace is one of the hottest trending accessories of the season. The statement necklace accentuated with heavily artistic flair was seen in all prominent runways these past two years.

Everything from out-sized chain necklaces to the more intricate, tribal-inspired statement pieces were being show cased in the fashion weeks and it seemed the more varied the materials, the better.

Monsoon wardrobe
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4. Earrings in Green

While Radiant Orchid is the official color of 2014, last year the emerald green was ruling the scene. If you remember Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings, which she had paired with her Elie Saab gown at Oscars, has become one of the best Oscar red carpet jewelries. The color is so radiant; it can immediately spice up your look. Go green this monsoon with a splendid pair of emerald earrings.

Angelina Jolie's emerald earrings
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5. Multi Finger Owl Ring in Yellow

The jewelries have undergone a slight modification to fit the new age fashion. This is the reason you’ll see a shift in jewelry trends from large cocktail rings to ear cuffs and owl pendants. Even the multi finger owl ring is quite a rage this season. This unique and fresh accessory can impart a Bohemian vibe to your look.

Whatever route you choose, your spirits will be instantly lifted every time you look down at your twinkling fingers in yellow.


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