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Reasons why you Should Quit Sugar

by Fashionlady
Reasons why you should quit sugar

Reasons why you should quit sugar
Cannot imagine food without sugar right? But surprisingly a lot of nutritionists and health experts are now asking people to quit sugar! Most people are blissfully unaware of the harmful effects of sugar. They are not aware how harmful this sweet substance can be. Read on to know more about why people are now running away from sugar.

1. Sugar and Fat: The Eternal Bond

A lot of studies have shown that sugar and weight gain are eternally bound. Studies in both adults and children have shown that greater sugar intake can lead to an increase in weight. When the body releases insulin, the excess calories are stored as fat. With sugar, the storage of fat is promoted all the more. A lot of sugar can over time make the body resistant to insulin and a lot of fat starts depositing in the midsection of the body.

Sugar and Fat The Eternal Bond

Source: authoritynutrition.com

2. Slow and Steady Never Wins the Race

When our body is low on sugar, we crave something which will give us a sugar rush. This is just a feeling and actually our body does not need that much sugar. As soon as we start having more sugar, we are on an emotional ‘Sugar Coaster’. When you have too much sugar in your diet, a chemical called ‘Orexin’ which is responsible for keeping you awake is inhibited. It will thus make you tired and sluggish all the time.

Slow and Steady Never Wins the Race

Source: lady-comp.com

3. The Eternal Disease: Diabetes

Until recently, a lot of researchers thought that the main cause of Diabetes is obesity. Only recently did they realize that diabetes is mostly caused by sugar. Excessive sugar intake can drastically impact the regulation of blood sugar by the body. This can lead to insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. On the long run, it will damage the blood vessels, heart, kidney, nerves and eyes.


The Eternal Disease Diabetes

Source: picdn.net

4. Immune System Suppression

When we eat something sweet, the pancreas releases insulin to reduce the elevated blood sugar and then delivers it to the cells. The release of the human growth hormone is reduced with the intake of sugar. As a result of this, the immune system is depressed and body is rendered unable to fight viruses and other infections.

Immune System Suppression

Source: simpleremedies.net

5. Diminishing Brain Activity and Impairing memory:

A study conducted by UCLA showed that when a person has a diet which is too rich in fructose, his or her ability to remember things is reduced considerably. Apart from that, Sugar can also lead to deficiencies in the mood-boosting B-complex vitamins. This means that you are moody and depressed if you do not get that sugar boost.

Diminishing Brain Activity and Impairing memory

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

But the problem with quitting sugar is that, it is not easy. You have constantly had this in your diet, and all of a sudden, it is pretty difficult to completely let go of it. But don’t worry, there are a few steps you can take to slowly cut out sugar from your diet altogether.

First and foremost, you can cut down on considerable amount of sugar by just letting go of fizzy and carbonated drinks. Sipping on these sweet, fibreless drinks hikes your insulin levels and makes you have cravings. Sip on unsweetened water or tea and replace these sugar monsters.

Soft Drinks

Source: tribesports.com

Next, it’s not just the carbonated drinks that are harmful, but also the sugary junk food which you should reduce. Granola bars and mars bars are deceivingly sweet and load you on calories. So, the next time you are hungry, substitute them with some fruits and you will see a world of a change.

Quitting sugar is hard, but taking one step at a time is good for a lifetime of health. So why waver? Start now and feel the difference!

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