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Satthwa Brings Miracles Of Oils To Engage In, For Fairy Tale Tresses And Glowing Skin

by Fashionlady
Satthwa Hair Oils

Satthwa Oils for Glowing Skin

Do you long for glowing skin and luscious locks? Yes! Who doesn’t? And like every other girl-next-door, there is no concoction that I have never tried, to get those fairytale locks and impeccable skin. After repeated failures of trying various creams, lotions, and potions, I realized that there is a wonderful magic in a well-crafted oil which can make our dreams come true.

When heat, pollution, age, makeup products, styling tools etc., are few of the many reasons that are effecting the texture of the skin and promoting hair loss and dandruff, nature has been supplying us with rich oils derived from nuts and seeds.

One such oil that caught my eye was the Jojoba oil. Derived from the nuts of the Jojoba plant widely grown in Southwestern states of US, the oil is rich in nutrients essential for skin and hair. From lips to the depths of the skin, Jojoba oil works great as a moisturizer as it contains essential vitamins like Vitamin B, E and key minerals such as zinc, copper etc which are essential for skin health.

It effectively balances the oiliness of the skin and prevents skin irritations and acne. Besides working as a skin conditioner, it also prevents scalp infections with its anti-bacterial properties. Of the plethora of brands of oils that the market brings every day to our notice, I personally would suggest the Satthwa Jojoba Oil for skin and Satthwa premium regrowth hair oil.

Since, it is concerned to the two most precious assets of every woman, skin, and hair, I would like to explicitly talk about the oils and their effectiveness in rendering the best.

Satthwa Jojoba Oil

Packaged in a small plastic container, the golden magic oil reached me without any spill or leak. Priced reasonably, the oil became my first choice of rescue with respect to my skin and hair. Since the oil has a gentle nut odor and thick wax consistency, I preferred to apply it before hitting the pillows in the night.

4-5 drops of the oil when rubbed in the palm and applied on the face rendered a well-moistened feel. It had a tendency of seeping straight into the skin in a short span, leaving the skin non-greasy and well-taken-care-of. On applying this oil on a frequent basis, I have obtained the glowing skin that I have always desired.

Satthwa Jojoba Oil

Besides using the oil in skin conditioning, I used it to treat and nourish my nails. On rubbing this oil on the cuticles on a frequent basis, I was happy to notice the healthy nail growth. Be it dry, chapped lips or rough textured skin, Satthwa Jojoba oil rushed to my rescue.


Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

This was the first product of Satthwa that spread like fire amongst the commoners for splendid hair regrowth. Formulated for damaged hair, colored hair and chemically treated hair, this concoction is effective in treating dandruff, graying of hair, hair fall and lastly shine and volume.

The Satthwa Premium Hair oil comprises a blend of 9 oils that help effectively control hair-fall, fight dandruff and promotes hair regrowth. The 9 oils are Almond oil, Castor oil which makes hair darker and prevent premature graying of hair; Coconut oil, Jojoba oil is anti-fungal and hence helped me cleanse the scalp; Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Emu oil and Grapeseed oil delays skin-aging.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Packaged in a small container with golden liquid inside of it, the hair oil was my perfect remedy for dry scalp and hair. Though it’s non-greasy and contains mild scent, I prefer to apply the oil 2-3 hours before the shower or overnight. On the persistent usage of the oil for a month, I noticed a substantial decrease in the hair fall and dandruff.

If you wish for long, stunning hair, switch to Satthwa Premium hair oil that works intensely well on hair fall and dandruff.

Since both the oils lived up to their claims, I couldn’t separate myself from them. So ladies, pick up the phone or go online and order the products and experience the miracle of oils. On behalf of FashionLady team, I request you to share with us your experience with the oils.

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