Save Your Money, Christian Louboutin Will Be Launching 36 Lipsticks!!!

Christian Louboutin New Lipsticks

If we could be screaming on top our lungs and not get tagged as a psychotic case, we would be doing that today! Or ever since yesterday, when we found out that Mr. Louboutin is all set to launch a lipstick collection, with no less than 36 shades.

How insane is that, right?

Here’s a sneak peak at his collection –

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*word of caution, don’t view if you are light hearted, you may faint!*

Christian Louboutin Lipsticks


Can you see how different those reds are from each other? Well, the colour is the same but the texture totally differs from each other. The three texture variants are Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile *jumps around with happiness*.

Now, hold your breath for what we are about to tell you!

These lipsticks come in an entirely different packaging. Christian Louboutin is not your average man and will not do anything that’s mediocre looking.

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So, this is how they look –



Yes. They are deigned to look like bullets!!

The collection is said to be inspired from the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti and has an Egyptian feel to it (the packaging and covering).

Louboutin lipstick packaging


Now the most essential question – what are they priced at?

*ahem ahem* Not much. Just $90 a pop!! WHAT?! Yes!!

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but we need at least 1 lipstick from his collection. Just one!! It’s collectors’ greed, but never mind! We need it!

*drafts out a plan to rob a bank*

Pssst… Did you guys know? You could wear this bullet like lipsticks around your neck? As a pendant! That’s precisely why these lipsticks have this delicate lace around. Du-oh!

Louboutin bullet lipsticks

Now, tell me. Are you going to get one for yourself?

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