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Show Your Love For Vintage Style With These Inspiring 50s Hairstyles

by Fashionlady
50s Hairstyles For Women

50s Hairstyles

Back in the 1950s, elegance and suaveness were the norm, and that is why women took extra care about what they wore and how they presented themselves in public. It was also a time when the paradigm shift happened – women partied more, socialised more than before and also started taking up jobs full time. However, they didn’t neglect their appearance, especially their hairdo, which was meant to be the crowning glory of their beauty. The 50s hairstyles that weare going to show you today would be reminiscing the past – a time when the glamorous divas and the homemaker alike, believed in elegant updos and chic chignons – a time when 50s hairstyles were the epitome of feminity galore. Take a look!

Gorgeous 1950s Hairstyles To Flaunt This Year

Scroll down as we bring you 15 gorgeous fifties hairstyles that you can flaunt through all the seasons of this year!

  • The simple barrel roll blow dried hair was one of the hairstyles which made plenty of waves around the world. Homemakers mostly were seen wearing the style at various occasions and events, thanks to its easy styling mode.

Gorgeous 1950s Hairstyles

  • One of the most famous pin up girl hairstyles of the 50s would be the rockabilly chic chick look. An easy to do pin up with a flowy set of tresses at the back, the rockabilly look was an astounding one that made heads turn.

Pin Up Girl Hairstyles

  • Long haired ladies back then wore the half up ponytail with a touch of bouffant on it. Accessorised with a polka dotted thin ribbon for the hair, the half up ponytail was worn by PYTs especially to college fests and reunions.
  • The barrel curl sculpt updo was a very elegant note to wear with formal clothing. This is a style even brides back then would choose to wear, or bridesmaids at their bestie’s wedding.

Beautiful Hairstyles

  • Messy wavy faux bobs were worn by many PYTs at formal social gatherings and events; women that didn’t want to cut their hair short and yet wanted to sport a messy bob, did this amongst the many 1950s hairstyles the most.
  • Hollywood diva back then, Grace Kelly may have been the first woman to have had square layers done to her hair and with a middle parting to her blonde tresses she flaunted the elegant waves.
  • Barrel curls with middle parting were the nomenclature trademarks of high end fashion for the working class women, and they wore this hairdo across many parties and events.

Barrel Curls

  • Tong curled messy ponytails with large red and pink ribbons were worn mostly by girls at many of the prom events and parties. You would have noticed the same in the movie Grease!

Tong Curled Messy Ponytails

  • Amongst the 50s long hairstyles for women, the layered hair at the back was tonged and allowed to flow in waves, while the hair on the crown section was mostly pinned up into two large barrel curls.

50s Long Hairstyles For Women

  • For women with bob cuts and very short blunt cuts, heated waves on the hair was the norm. It helped them achieve more volume on their hair and brightened up the definition of the face as well.

Bob Cuts

  • For ladies with boycuts and pixies, the style was to back comb the hair with mousse and then tease the crown section of the hair for a puffed up and more voluminous look to attain.


  • Elegant looks came by with pin up girl hairstyles, such as the tiffany hairdo that came in various styles and shapes. Some wore it bang in the middle of the head, whilst others preferred wearing the tiffany as a side swept updo!

Pin Up Girl Hairstyles

  • Curly short hair was always bathed in generous amounts of mousse and blow dried to one side with a side sweep. This was an elegant look for women with curly short hair to sport mostly at events and functions.
  • Elegance defined, finger curls for women with short bobs were the norm. The Great Gatsby look back then was a famous style in the 50s women couldn’t stop wearing.

Finger Curls

  • Another version of the rockabilly chick chic hairdo was a large barrel curl on the fringe, set with mousse and a mid high bun as a bouffant embellished with a polka dotted hair scarf.

Fifties Hairstyles

So here were fifteen looks of the fifties hairstyles, including the 50s pinups too that were done back then. Check out the easy hair tutorials online and emulate them for the year-long parties!

Images Source: Pinterest

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