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50 Simple And Stylish Hairstyles For College Girls

by Fashionlady
Hairstyles for College Girls

Hairstyles For College Girls

Once school is done, we girls are relieved that the convent days are over. This means, we are now allowed to go our way, choose our lifestyles and chic up without anyone’s talk on what not to wear and flaunt. With that being said, today we would like to amp this further, and show you a couple of chic and very stylish yet simple to do hairstyles for girls who are entering college or are in college.

Here is the list of simple hairstyles:

Please read on and check out the cutest simple and very stylish hairstyles we have brought for you. We shall also give you tips on hair care, so that you know how to keep the hair, healthy and shiny and nice, even though you may have used products to style your hair with. Hence, take a look! It is time to get gorgeous every day!

1. Classy pony tail with base wrap

The trick of making this hairdo is to pull your hair up into a ponytail and wrap hair strands around the base while covering the ponytail holder. Brush the hair back to make a smooth ponytail. Separate a thin strap of longer hair from below your ponytail. Wrap this thin hair strap around the ponytail. Also, this is a more polished method to hide the hair ties.

Classy Pony Tail With Base Wrap

2. Messy wrap up plait

Create a ponytail on one side. Leave out two inch hair section to the front on both sides. Take few sections of the hair from the front and pull it towards the ponytail. Make criss-cross sections around the ponytail top and secure with elastic. Repeat this process taking multiple hair sections.

Messy Wrap Up Plait

3. Side pony tail

Want a side ponytail that’s tres chic yet still undone? Simply pull your hair up into a low ponytail and sweep it towards the sides and wrap it at the base. Allow the ponytail to hang loose.

Side Pony Tail for College Girls

4. Pony tail with a back puff

Tie your hair up in a ponytail and secure with elastic. Wrap thin strands of hair around the elastic. Comb few sections of the ponytail backwards for a fluffy look. Wrap that hair section using a hair strand. Repeat the steps. Slightly pull the sides of the section hair for a puffy look.

Pony Tail with a Back Puff

5. High horsetail

If you are looking for something trendy, you can try this idea of high horsetail. All you need is an elastic band and play along the lengths of your hair elastics. This hairdo will stay in place when you stay busy in classes like spinning.

High Horsetail for College Girls

6. Open hairstyle

Care to leave your hair open? You can try out a lot of hair variations to amplify your hairstyle such as side swept style, low wavy curls, simple twirl, and even accessorizing with a headband.

Open Hairstyle

7. Side fishbone plaits

This hairdo sounds fancy, but in reality it is not. This side fishbone plait is great not only to wear at college but also for summer as it keeps the hair away from your face. It is a style that looks well-groomed but which can be done quickly.

Side Fishbone Plaits

8. Wavy layered open hairstyle

For this hairstyle, you can go au naturel. Very little styling is required for this and you need not try too hard for it. Just try on a light leave-in hair moisturizer and part your hair that most flatters your face shape.

Side Swept Open Hairstyle

10. Mohawk Braid

If you are looking for a wild hairdo that also keeps hair off your face, then the Mohawk braid is the way to go. It can enhance any neckline and allow bringing on some serious attitude. Make a Mohawk section of two inch starting from the nape. Reverse braid from hairline and secure with elastic.

Mohawk Braid

11. Straight simple layers

Straight simple layers can add volume and texture to your hair. The layers can help to offset a round or square face, and give it better definition. Straight simple layers can be tried on any length hair. You can even add few highlights to round up this hairstyle.

College Girls Hairstyles

12. Layers with front bangs

Girls with long hair can opt for layers with front bangs. This hairdo is young and perfect for college going girls. The bangs with the soft curled layers soft touch are perfect for any college going girl.

Layers with Front Bangs

13. Side topsy ponytail

Side topsy ponytail is suitable for every stylish college going girls. This sleek ponytail can be created on both long and medium length hair. You can also add highlights on your hair to give the hairstyle more definition.

Side Topsy Ponytail

14. Sleek Blunt

Sleek bunt is a sleeker version of blunt bob. This hairstyle is a chic hairdo perfect for wearing to college. If you have wavy hair, then you need to iron out your curls.

College Womens Hairstyles

15. Short asymmetrical layers

This short asymmetrical hairdo can unleash a sassy personality in you. It is low maintenance and therefore great to carry out to your college. You can add few streaks or highlights to amplify the hairdo.

Short Asymmetrical Layers

16. Pigtail braids

If you want to wear a more grown up look, then dare to try out a short pigtail braid. This is a cute twisted pigtail allowing your hair twist to loosen up. Or you can also try out oversized pigtail braids perfect to wear at one of your college fest.

Pigtail Braids

17. Front puff hairstyle

A front puff hairstyle can bring out the rocker chic in you. This style is so simple to create. You will need a teasing brush and a hairspray to create the puff. You can either leave your hair open or go for a ponytail.

Front Puff Hairstyle

18. Crown braided hairstyle

To create this hairdo, make a hair parting on one side. Begin with creating the braids right from the front. Continue braiding until the whole right side is covered. Secure with hair elastic. Take loose hair strands from front over your shoulders.

Crown Braided Hairstyle

19. Front braid with open hairs

This subtle hairdo is perfect to wear to your classes. Here the braid comes on the front and you can wear it like a crown. Girls with long gorgeous tresses can give this one a shot.

Front Braid with Open Hairs

20. Blonde Waves

Blonde waves are an embodiment of fresh style. You can throw in an easy tousle even if you head to college. This carefree hairdo can be surprisingly simple to achieve more specifically when you are fighting against your natural hair texture.

Blonde Waves

21. Double layer back braided open hairstyle

To create this hairdo, all you need to do is create braids on both sides of the head. After that, secure with pins by taking the braids to the opposite side, through the back. You can also create waves using a curling iron.

Double Layer Back Braided Open Hairstyle

22. Low bun with side parting

Low bun is simple to create and perfect when you are late for classes. Girls with short hair can also opt for this style to create the illusion of long hair. For best results, sweep your hair to a deep side parting.

Low Bun with Side Parting

23. Long Elegant Braid Hairstyle

For this hairdo, you need to create a long braid from the side of your head and continue till the whole length. Wrap up the long braid in a ponytail at the back and secure with a hair tie.

Long Elegant Braid Hairstyle

24. Open curly hairstyle

If you are naturally blessed with long luscious locks, then you need to tie them up while heading for classes. Just create waves to give it a more voluminous natural look.

Open Curly Hairstyle

25. The mermaid braid

The mermaid braid can add dimension to your look. For this hairdo you have to start with a side parting. Roll the length of the braid and pin it back. Secure using a hair tie. Wrap up few hair strands around the hair tie to complete.

Mermaid Braid Hairstyle

Author: Lima Aier

26. One side pinned back semi open hairstyle

Feel elated and sprightly because you have a simple hairstyle which doesn’t need much effort. Just take your hair to the other side of your shoulder, and put a fancy or bobby pin on the set hair of opposite side. Wear it to college with your tees and pants (or denims) and you are good to go.

One Side Pinned Back Semi Open Hairstyle

27. Cross over braid open hairstyle

Cross it over. Not your legs, but your hair. The twist is you are not to make a tight plait or braid but make it loose in such a way that the braid looks secure and a bit unarranged. Instagram-worthy it is!

Cross Over Braid Open Hairstyle

28. Side swept open hairstyle

You have to loosely arrange your lovely hair to the other side of your shoulder. That’s called ‘Side Sweep’. Goes well with any costume you wear to the college, traditional salwar kameez or retro.

Side Swept Open Hairstyle

29. Crown braided high pony tail

What’s in a crown? Plenty of pizzazz, when sported well. Do a center parting of hair and pull it back in a rubber band. Curl the hair ends a bit to get the volume part, and you will surely look a stunner. It’s a bit of bouffant hairstyle which helps you strike a casually chic feminine look.

Crown Braided High Pony Tail

30. Side top knot

If you are the academic-type (you gotta be in college), no harm looking Miss Stylish-n- Studious. You just need to groom and set your hair properly and tie the hair on the side (whichever side you prefer) in a top knot. Bang on!

Side Top Knot Hairstyle

31. Bohemian top bun

Show off your boho spirit in a classy way. This easy hairstyle is a perfect pick for any of those college days. How to get it? Pull a section of the hair from the middle of the head. Collect them at the top of the head and make a normal rolled bun. Leave open the hair from the sides and get ready to look careless and chic.

Bohemian Top Bun Hairstyle

32. Side swept braid

It happens when you bunch your hair in a braid and take the entire volume on your right or left side of your shoulder. This simple hairstyle can look nice when teamed up with long skirts and palazzo pants.

Side Swept Braid

33. Sleek long ponytail

When was the last time you wanted to look prim and proper, yet make a statement? You can, with one of those long ponytail looks, a pet favorite of grandma. Use a hair spray to get your long hair in set position. You will look chic for college.

Sleek Long Ponytail

34. Pixie cut hairstyle

Getting pixie is like going for a low–maintenance hairstyle, when you have short hairs. It’s smart, stylish and the perfect pick for college girls. Hair parting is done from the side in such a way that a symmetrical pixie cut hairstyle looks gives an asymmetric look.

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

35. Ribbon tied hairstyle

All you need to do is wrap-n-tie one long ribbon around your hair at the back of your neck or at the sides. It’s your wish, since its your hair. Tie a hair ribbon of the colour that looks complementary to your hairstyle and outfit too.

Ribbon Tied Hairstyle

36. Side waves with french braid

Explore the side french braid. Done up at the front, it looks every bit stylish and yes, elegant. This hairstyle looks awesome and pretty with the side braid resting on one side.

Side Waves with French Braid

37. Sporty chic

Every bit of this hairstyle is campus fresh – hair tousled, side parted a bit and rocking.

Sporty Chic Hairstyle

38. Bangs at one Side

Be the crowd puller by sporting this ponytail that has bangs on one side. Edgy appeal guaranteed, as the long bangs go up to the chin on one side of the face. Truly upscale!

Ponytail Hairstyle

39. Easy back plait hairstyle

If you are the one with medium or long hair, then this hairstyle is full on go-to. The braiding starts from the base of the neck, goes on in a straight line from the back of the head to the top of the head. If you can see, the hairs have been tied in a high pony tail and left loose. For a special day or event in college, wear this hairdo without the bat of an eyelid.

Easy Back Plait Hairstyle

40.Side twisted easy half up hair style

Getting this college hairstyle is easy. You just need to part the hairs to the side of the head, then roll up a small section of hairs from the side, above one ear and pin it back. Thereafter, comb down the length of the hairs from above the twisted roll and have a rolling time.

Side Twisted Easy Half Up Hair Style

41. Twisted pony tales

It’s so simple, as much as putting a thread in a needle. You just need to make 2 sections of hair at your back, which forms into two ponytails. Then, twist them by just wrapping one of the ponytail around another ponytail. Its done!

Twisted Pony Tales

42. Intricate Weave

If you are of the bold and sensuous nature, then you have come to the perfectly exact campus hairstyle. Classy, complex, a little messy but stylish, add a dash of bold colour to set the pulse racing.

Intricate Weave Hairstyle

43. Half updo

To strike a perfect semi-updo hairstyle, you need long and luscious hair. Perfectly highlights the wearer’s femininity as well. Can be sported for both casual and special occasions.

Half Updo Hairstyle

44. Fluffy twisted hairstyle with fishbone plait

Spice up your hairstyle and cutify your ponytail (to be precise) by choosing this hairdo. The fishtail starts 6 to 8 inches from the top of the ponytail. This makes it easier for you to swing your hair over your shoulder and fishtail from the front!

Fluffy Twisted Hairstyle with Fishbone Plait

45. Twin top knot hairstyle

Its a hair trend to watch out for. The twin top-knot made its appearance in the fashion world in 2016, with celebs such as Cara Delevigne, Yara Shahidi and Josephine Skriver sporting it. Join this list effortlessly!

Twin Top Knot Hairstyle

46. Puffed Ponytail

The new trend it is in models to college girls. Puff it up by teasing your hair in the front and curling the hair in the pony. It is total GLAM, which you can opt for when going to meet that someone special for the first time.

Puffed Ponytail

47. Mid Part Ombre

Khloe Karsashian sports her long straight ombre locks with mid-part hairstyle and no way can you ignore her hot looks, or her hotter mid-parting.

Mid Part Ombre

48. Fringed Braid

Chic and stylish this braid is, every bit. Thankfully it is long, and so gets the benefit of detail of different type, courtesy the long fringes. Go wear this hairdo if you have a fringe and would like to try a new hairstyle.

Fringed Braid Hairstyle

49. Edgy Bobs

Get your tomboyish personality out by getting an edgy haircut. They look cool and very individual, just like you.

Edgy Bobs Hairstyle

50. Messy braided pony tail

Have braid on your hairstyle? Just tie your hair, all your hair, into a ponytail. It will give you a type of messiness which will bring in a sense of tenderness in your looks and appearance. Messy hairstyles were the flavour of 2016. They still are.

Messy Braided Pony Tail

Now that we have shown you a range of hairstyles, with videos and explanation of the steps in some of them as to how to get these looks, let’s take a look at the hair care routine you should follow for long and healthy hair. Here are a few tips to use at home, and doing these regimes would save you the money and energy you would otherwise spend on costly parlor trips for hair spas.

Author: Deepika Dewan

Images Source: Pinterest

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