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Simple Tips on How to Pick a Good Nursing Bra

by Fashionlady

It’s obvious to get overwhelmed by the plenty types of nursing bras available in the market today. And for first time mothers, it becomes all the more difficult to pick an appropriate piece. As they expect the size of their breasts will increase as soon as milk starts getting produced. they end up buying nursing bras that actually turn out to be smaller than they had expected.

This exclusive post will help you understand how to pick a good nursing bra.

Why do new moms need a good nursing bra?

That’s because a well fitting bra will support their now heavier breasts, making them feel more comfortable. Plus, the appropriate nursing bra will also prevent clogged ducts and also enable you to conveniently breastfeed your baby.
There are some moms who opt for not wearing bras at all, as their regular bras do not fit any more and nursing bras are pricey.

For new moms who wear regular bras, they have to pull down the cup so as to expose their nipple to get the baby latched on. By doing this, the mums put excessive pressure on the sensitive tissues of the mammary glands, that leads to discomfort and eventually plugged ducts. Plus, unlike nursing bras the regular ones do not stretch, which is necessary as the size of the breasts is not the same always.

Sourse: biggerbras.com

Sourse: biggerbras.com

Even the decision of not wearing bra at all is also not an ideal option. That’s because the fuller breasts tend to sag or cling down when they do not get any support apart from offering back pain because of the sudden increase in weight.


The last and the most important reason for going for a nursing bra is to get easy and quick access. When a new mum is in a public place and she has to feed her hungry baby, the last thing she would want is to struggle hard with her bra to get her baby latched on to feed. The opening of the nursing bra enables the mother to use only one hand to conveniently open the cup while she holds the baby.

How to pick a good nursing bra?

The best time to get a well fitting nursing bra is somewhere between 7th and 14th day post the delivery.

Before buying just any kind of nursing bra, it’s necessary to measure your breast size. Go through this step by step measuring procedure –


Sourse: nursingbraexpress.com

#1 Determining the brand size

– Take a measuring tape and start measuring from just under your armpits, and just above the start of your breasts. Make sure you convert the number to a nearest whole number or round it off so your get a proper number.

#2 For the cup size

– Run the measuring tape along the breasts and determine the nearest whole number. Now take the nearest whole number and deduct your band size circumference from the mid-breast circumference to find the cup size.
For instance if your brand size is 38 and you’ve a 42-inch breasts then you’ve 4″ cup size.

#3 Get professionally fitted nursing bras

– As I’ve already mentioned the breast size changes during pregnancy and post delivery so it’s best to get the bras during the first week of delivery to get the accurate size.

#4 Pick a bra that aptly fits your breast in the cup

– Mostly new mums end up buying bras with extra room in the cup. You can follow the above measuring procedure to know your size and then you can look for good nursing bra that is stretchable.

#5 Go for 4/6-hook nursing bra

– Because of the pregnancy, you have already put in weight and now because of the fuller breasts, the length of the back band also increases. So go for bra with 4-6 hooks that enables you to wear it at the loosest hook thus giving you some room to breathe. Moreover, the back band of the brand renders 80% of the support, so it’s essential to consider this part while buying.

So these are the top tips to consider that help you pick a good nursing bra. Enjoy your motherhood and stay blessed!

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