Skin Care Tips for Holi


Skin Care Tips for Holi

Are you gearing up for holi? Got your water guns and colours ready? What about your skin care regimen§? Holi can do quite a number on your skin, making getting rid of the colour a mammoth task. But don’t let that dissuade you from celebrating Holi with zeal.

Just follow are skin care tips to protect and salvage your skin.

Protect Your Skin with Oil

Apply coconut oil or olive oil all over your face and body. This will help to keep the colours from staining your skin or becoming stubborn to wash off. Yes, applying oil means you will feel greasy when the colours come in contact with your skin, but on the bright side, washing the colours off in the shower will be much easier.

skin care for Holi

Avoid Scrubbing

As much as scrubbing your skin vigorously with a scrub or loofah seems like a good idea, avoid doing this. Your skin is already sensitive after coming in contact with all the chemicals from the colours. So treat it gently. Use a mild body wash or soap to gently wash away the colours. For your face, use a wet wipe to wipe away the colours and then cleanse with a mild cleanser.

Holi Safety Skin Care Tips

Try Using Organic Colours

As much as you can, try using organic colours that will not damage your skin or be as potent as the chemical ones. Trust me; you’ll be grateful for it later when your skin recovers without any hassle.

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tips to protect your skin

Use Petroleum Jelly

Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to cover all the problem areas such as the ear lobe, behind the ears, under the nails and other such not so easy to access areas where the colours can get lodged. When you cover such areas with petroleum jelly, you prevent the colour from settling in, thereby making it easy to remove it later.

Skin Care Tips for a Safe Holi

Keep Your Nails Clipped


This is both a hygiene as well as a safety issue. You will be celebrating Holi by applying colours on others. So keeping your nails clipped will ensure that you don’t end up accidentally scratching them with your long nails during the celebrations. Another thing is that when your nails are clipped and short, it becomes easier to clean them and make sure there are no residues left under the nails.

Skin Care Tips for Safe Holi

Wear Waterproof Sunscreen

If you’ll be outdoors for the most part, then make sure you slather on waterproof sunscreen lotion to protect your skin against the sun.

Beauty Care Tips for Safe Holi

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Moisturized

Post your Holi celebrations make sure you keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized. Drink a lot of water and use a heavy duty moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.

Beauty Care Tips for Holi

Keep a Calamine Lotion Handy

If you or anyone around is experiencing skin irritation or rashes as a result of the colours, then apply calamine lotion on the affected area. It will help soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness, if any. So keeping a calamine lotion handy before you start your Holi celebrations is a smart idea indeed.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Avoid makeup for a few days post the Holi celebrations. This is to allow your skin to breathe and recover from all that you put it through. You can also rely on refreshing face packs and body wraps to revive your skin.

Follow are skin care tips to take care of your skin during and after the Holi celebrations. Don’t let the threat of possible skin woes dampen your spirit. Enjoy Holi to the fullest and have fun with friends and family.


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