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Style Guide: How To Dress For Your Body Type?

by Fashionlady
dresses for different body types

One very basic but often looked over factor when it comes to fashion and style is the need to dress for one’s body shape. Unless the dress style that you pick suits and flatters your body, you are not going to look good in it, not even if it’s an expensive designer dress. Ever noticed how some celebrities look absolutely gorgeous at red carpet events while some others just don’t look too good? More often than not it is because the dress that they wore did not suit their body’s shape.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

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Here Some Dresses For Different Body Types:

This article is a quick style guide on ‘how to dress for different body types’.

1. The Hourglass Shape:

If you have an hour glass figure, then firstly, let me just congratulate you! You’ve got the body type that many women would kill to have. An hour glass figure typically boasts of a well-endowed bosom, a narrow waist and curvy hips.

With regard to how to dress for your body type, you need to keep your end goal in mind. When you dress up, always look to show off your narrow waist. Your curves are your assets, so make them work for you.

Dress styles for Hourglass Body Type:

  • Wrap dresses that hug your curves and make you look fabulous.
  • Dresses with a deep V-neck that complements your curves in the best possible way.
  • Dresses with a high-waist skirt to show off your dainty, narrow waist.

Dress styles to avoid:

  • Loose, shapeless dresses that hide your curves and make you look bulky.
  • Dresses with an empire-waist as they tend to be flowy around your waist (which is not a very flattering look for an hour glass figure).

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dress for body shape

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2. The Apple Body Shape:

An apple body shape is characterized by a top-heavy figure. Your shoulders are broad and look more prominent when compared to your waist and legs. So how does one dress for body type when it comes to this type? This is a tricky body type to dress and extra care must be taken to ensure that your dress styles help balance out your figure and make you look more proportioned.


Dress styles For Apple Shape Body:

  • Short dresses that show off your legs (and take attention away from the problem areas).
  • Dresses with an A-line skirt as a full skirt will help balance out the broader shoulders and create an illusion of a well-proportioned frame.

Dress styles to avoid:

  • Bodycon dresses, as they are not the most suitable style for your top-heavy frame.
  • High-collar or turtle neck styles that place more emphasis on your shoulder region.

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3. The Rectangle Shape:

If you fall under the rectangle body shape then your body lacks curves. While being slender means that you can show off your slim legs and arms, it also means that certain dress styles just do not flatter your frame.

Dress styles for Rectangle Shape:

  • Dresses with full skirts, ruffles and other detailing that help create an illusion of curves.
  • Off-shoulder and sleeveless styles (to show off your slender arms and delicate collarbone).
  • Babydoll dresses that make you look more voluptuous.

Dress styles to avoid:

Dress styles for Pear Shape:

  • Strapless dresses work really well for a pear shaped figure as they help to show off arms (thereby aiding in balancing out the top with the heavy bottom).
  • Dresses with shoulder pads or other such detailing on the shoulder and collar region will help even out the proportion between the top and bottom half of the body.

Dress styles to avoid:

  • Avoid printed dresses as they will place more emphasis on your heavy hips and waist.
  • Pencil skirts are your enemy as they will bring all the focus to your problem area, so do stay away from them.
dress for your body type

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There are different dresses for different body types. Knowing the right dress for your body type is the first step to creating a favorable look when it comes to fashion. We hope this article helped shed some light on the basic dos and don’ts on dressing to suit your body type!

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