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Take Beach Holiday Tips From Bipasha Basu

by Fashionlady
Beach Holiday Tips From Bipasha Basu

Beach Holiday Tips From Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu is off on a well-deserved break to one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Mrs. Kapoor Khan recently went there and had a blast and now, we can see Bipasha Basu doing the same with a bunch of her friends!

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While we are glad that we can experience second hand holidays through celebrities and their Instagram, we are also sneakily happy about the fact that we can learn every do’s and don’ts of a certain holiday. In this case – a beach holiday!!

Here’s what we learned from Bipasha Basu’s current Maldives holiday.

  1. Pack lots and lots of Bikinis
  2. Colourful raybans are your best friend
  3. Pack one formal dress (you never know, you just might need it for a special dinner date!)
  4. Jute totes are a necessity
  5. Take your straightener AND curler along
  6. Go easy on your makeup
  7. Learn how to pose for Instagram pictures!!

Now, while these are the things that we learnt, we are most thankful for the last tidbit i.e. how to pose for pictures on Instagram!

You guys may wonder – what is there to learn? But watch these images

Holiday Tips From Bipasha Basu

Source: instagram.com

She might be wearing bikinis, but there is nothing about both these pictures that’s very bold. In fact, you go aww!! Could you imagine that?
Of course, you might want to show off your perfect beach body in a standing pose with hands on your hip. But, do you really want to post such a picture on instagram where people can take screenshots? *raised eyebrow*


Then, here’s another picture

Bipasha Basu shopping

Source: instagram.com

All you need is a short dress, a huge tote, a pair of flip-flops and good hair tools!! Pssstt.. do you guys notice the understated makeup?

Bipasha Basu at Maldives

Source: instagram.com

A pretty dress never disappoints you ladies. Always pack one!

This is how you pose for silhouettes

Bipasha basu silhouettes

Source: instagram.com

P.S – we are loving the fringe bikini!!

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