The Fashion Psychology: How Fashion Creates Impression


Fashion Psychology

95 % of people judge you by your appearance – other 5 % are blind
If you’re thinking I’m going to give you a lecture on psychology of fashion then you’re absolutely right! Even though the above quotation features some humorous elements still it is a redundant truth which we cannot overlook. It’s true and it’s also humane to see people judging us by our appearance.

Let me just illustrate this with an incident!

This weekend I happened to meet my childhood friend. I’ve known her for over 2 decades. Because of different schooling and her army background, we do not see each other very often as we put up in two different states now. And I don’t even remember when was the last time we had a hang-out.

Let me just be quick and give you a preface of that scenario. I was waiting for her in one of city’s popular chophouses over dinner snugged in a pair of comfortable jeans and a top paired with sneakers.

How Fashion Creates Impression

My friend works with a high profile PR agency. She entered the diner properly dressed in a LBD (well, the credit can go to her profession!) On the other hand, I was casually dressed the way I usually do. While I’m decidedly chunky with an immaculate hairstyle, she could pass for ten years younger than me.

As we’re about to leave after dinner, I made a spontaneous statement about how she got ‘all dressed-up’ to have dinner with me. And quickly she didn’t miss a beat and said, “I guess I just take our friendship more seriously than you do.”

That was the moment when I had realized the quote to be so true. Like it or not, we are always being judged by how we look, we dress up and the way we carry ourselves.

The Psychology of Fashion

Do you remember how Miranda Priestly’s perception towards her newly appointed secretary, Andrea changes, the moment she has an image makeover and starts dressing appropriately?

From a recent survey by different acclaimed Universities across the world, this is what they found out:

  • Tall people get paid more money
  • Fat people get paid less
  • Women who wear makeup make more money
  • Blondes get paid more
  • Workers who workout get paid more


  • Handsome people are paid handsomely and last but not the least
  • If you’re too pretty, it’s a pity

How Fashion Creates Impression?
Deepika Padukone Van HeuSen fashion impression
Fashion, arguably has the highest influence on creating perception about someone. Everybody has got a particular manner, when it comes to styling oneself. Our choices are largely swayed by many foreseen factors such as the people we intend to meet, the place we intend to visit and so on. One can not just dress to a board meeting the way he/she dress for a party. The choice is yours and the opinion is ours or the vice versa. This is what should make us extremely careful while buying an outfit from the Big Sale or choosing a office wear from the wardrobe.

Fashion Statement
Here is a famous quote from 50 Cents

50-cents“Understand: people judge you by appearances, the image you project through your actions, words, and style. If you do not take control of this process, then people will see and define you the way they want to, often to your detriment. You might think that being consistent with this image will make others respect and trust you, but in fact it is the opposite—over time you seem predictable and weak. Consistency is an illusion anyway—each passing day brings changes within you. You must not be afraid to express these evolutions.”

I offer you a few yet effective guidelines you can follow to create a lasting impression. Continue reading!

Pick your fashion based on the place you are visiting

fashion based on people you are meeting

When you are meeting your boss or anyone, who holds power and authoritative responsibilities, it is always suggested to dress formally.

Choose your fashion based on the occasion

dress up based on occasion

If you are attending a wedding, an Indian wedding to be more precise then you are allowed to don heavy makeup and vibrant colors, whereas if you are attending a suit or any fundraiser event, you should then opt for subtle colors.

Psychology behind colors
** Black signifies authority and power. Those, who’ve a flair for this shade, are leaders by nature.
**White symbolizes peace and purity. Ever wondered why doctors and nurses wear white? Their dress code shows sterility and cleanliness with their spotless white coats.
** Blue signifies trustworthy and credibility. That’s the reason, we often see the US President in blue suits and ties
** Yellow makes you look bright and cheerful. This color portrays optimism.
** Red is an intense color that emotionally engulfs people. Red seems to generate interest, love and attraction.
** Brown symbolizes reliability. May be this is the reason, we see customer service executives dressed in shades of brown.

From Indian viewpoint, most of us do not believe in the above explained theory. The psychology of fashion is nothing to scratch your heads over. It can just be a part of our habit. You can use these guidelines to your advantage to dress more appropriately for the right occasion, if you’re serious about your appearance.


Bonus Tip: Be true to yourself, confident and hang a smile at the corner of your face always. Sometimes that is all that matters.

I hope this helps!

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