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5 Things These Hair Straightener Hacks Can Surely Teach You

by Fashionlady
Hair Styling Hacks

Hair Straightener Hacks

Now the hair straightener hacks you would see online are so much of fun to indulge in. We never ever knew that apart from straightening hair, we could use the flat iron to get those lovely curls too. Keeping that in mind, here are a couple of hair straightener hacks that we would like to share with you.

Hair Straightener Hacks

The next time when you are getting ready for a party or maybe attending an important meeting, and would like to flaunt a little more glamour, but don’t have your rollers or tongs in place, here are hair straightener hacks that can help.

1. For Tousled Soft Beach Hair

This is an idea that we found very interesting and in less time to get it done too. There are plenty of Hair styling hacks available and one of them is this one that can turn you into a bohemian glam hot chick of the seventies within minutes. Spray your hair with a little water and set the straightener to 180 degrees heat. Gently follow the instructions as shown below. This would allow your soft beach hair wave tousles to come about and it would last long. A tip here: if you want very shiny tousles, you then have to use serum for hair, which shouldn’t be more than a drop and must be applied from the mid-section of the hair to the end.

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2. Don’t Have Your Curlers

No worries if your curlers aren’t around and yet you want a few waves around to play with. You actually can use your flat iron to get the waves and curls for a beach party or a bohemian wave look. What you need to do is to apply serum or spray, and then with the help of the iron, twist the hair into the device at intervals and hold for a second each. Then loosen up the waves and let it fall! This can be done in flat five minutes for the full head with proper sectioning.

Hair Sstraightening Hacks

3. Sexy Outward Curls

So you have just got a new hairdo done, and in long layers that too. This means, you would obviously want to blow the layers outwards and flaunt the new look too. The best idea here is to have outward curls at forty five degrees flaunted. Mostly, hairdressers would use hot rollers or blow dryers for ten minutes at each sectioning do to so. However, with a hair straightener, you can get the look in five minutes. Section your hair and with the flat iron and a brush, bring the heat to the end of the hair, and comb it outwards. Hold on for ten seconds and then let it loose. You now have outward curls.


Hair Hacks

4. Bring Volume To Your Hair

Most of us love having plenty of volume to our strands. This is why we use volumnizing shampoos and other products for the same. But what if we told you that your humble flat iron can do the job of bringing more volume to your hair? Sounds interesting? What you need to do is to have your hair partitioned, and then with a brush and the flat iron comb the hair backwards when the heat is switched on. Do this for ten seconds per section and let the hair fall backwards. Your hair would be bouncy and fluffy.

Flat Irons For Hair

5. Removing The Pony Crease

After you’ve removed the ponytail, you are left with a crease on the hair. This is an ugly sight to deal with, which is why it is important to get the ponytail crease done away with. What you can do is to use this hair straightening hacks with the help of your flat irons for hair. You should first spray the area with water, an then gently emulsify the hair with your fingers, so that the hair bonds are broken. Now on very low heat, use the hair straightener and flatten the section out. This helps remove the crease and prevents the hair to wrinkle around that spot too.

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The next time, we would like to show you more hair hacks using the straightener and how to get the best hairdo’s with our unique hair styling tips too.

Images Source: pinterest.com

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