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Getting Into The Details Of The Flower Jelly Lipstick – All The Scoop You Need

by Fashionlady
Jelly Lipstick

Jelly Lipstick

Fashion is ever so evolving, and so are makeup hacks and services. And standing testimony to this fact is that, here we are today talking about the jelly flower lipstick that has taken the fashion world by storm. Take a look at the jelly flower lipstick scoop we bring to you, and we assure you that this would call to your soul. Your lips would want a touch of it for sure, so why wait!

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Presenting The Jelly Lip Gloss And Jelly Flower Lipstick Rage

We really don’t know what to expect next from the glam world and the world of cosmetics. There was a time when rainbow highlights for hair was a rage, and then came pigmented lashes, and now, we have the jelly lipstick. So, are we ready for this jelly? Beyonce may sing that bootylicious jelly song again, but are we really ready for the next big thing our social media makeup gurus are talking about?

Jelly Lip Gloss

Source: tumblr.com

It is all about creativity, imagination and innovation which has brought the jelly lip gloss and lipstick to fame, giving us that perfect pout and making it a cult for the fashionistas to follow. It is an obsession of late for most PYTs across the world wanting more than just the glossy or matte toned lipstick. And, thanks to a china based cosmetic brand, the craze for lipstick jelly has just gotten bigger.

Lipstick Jelly

Source: michellephan.com

Thank You Kailijumei

A China-based cosmetics brand named Kailijumei brought about their debutant makeup product, the jelly flower lipstick, along with jelly lip balm, flower lipsticks and more. And ever since it made news on social media, from Tumblr to Instagram, there have been plenty of rave reviews happening and everyone praising the products. The ingredients within the jelly lipstick are gold flecks and real flowers. And one look at it makes you wonder if you really want to use it or not; because they are oh so pretty.

Jelly Lip Balm

Source: aliexpress.com

Varying Shades

The jelly flower lipstick isn’t highly pigmented, but brings a very natural yet glossy pout to the lips. It is also said that certain shades of the jelly lipstick would change in color according to your body temperature too. Price wise though, jelly lipsticks are steep on the pocket, but they are definitely worth adding to your collection. Also, the floral beauty manufacturer is in the process of producing more.

Flower Lipsticks

Source: aliexpress.com

With fancy names like Doll Powder and Minute Maid, the jelly flower lipstick with light pigments has plenty of moisturizing effects in it. The ingredients are quite effective and safe to use. For example, cocoa butter, resin, lavender oil and beeswax, are all perfect moisturizing agents for the lips.

Jelly Flower Lipsticks Colors

Source: aliexpress.com

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A Must Try Trend

For those of you who are bored of the matte and gloss lipstick range, the jelly lipstick and the jelly lip gloss, are must have’s. Uniquely packed and well-handled while the shipping is done, your little dose of beauty comes to you easy. At the moment you have to wait, since all of the lipstick jelly versions are sold out. But the lippie fans out there don’t have to go morose, since Kailijumei is working on more products on the same lines, such as jelly lip balm, flower lipsticks and all to bring a little more fairy like dolled up happiness to store and stack.

Beauty Jelly Flower Lipstick

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Say goodbye to your mood changing lipsticks now, and wait for the Chinese brand to bring out more versions of the jelly lip balm, flower lipsticks and jelly flower balms. And after that there would be no stopping you to making your lips one hundred percent gorgeous and drool-worthy.

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