21 Times When Katrina Kaif Stole Our Heart With Her Perfect Fashion!


Katrina Kaif bollywood Fashion
Katrina Kaif came into Bollywood the unconventional way. She started off with the movie Boom where her role was minimal and questionable. But she moved past that very quickly and in a matter of few years, established herself rather well!

She went from one of the girls in Boom to an actress that gave her peers sleepless nights. Paired with Akshay Kumar, she delivered the biggest hits and then that smile of hers stole our hearts away.

Despite the difficulty in learning Hindi, she did extremely well for herself and we are proud of her!

Today, let us reminisce and look back at the moments when made our hearts skip few beats and had our jaw hitting the floor due to her gorgeousness and beauty!


Let’s start with her initial days in Bollywood when Ms Kaif was trying her hardest to fit in. At the music launch of Race, she wore a beautiful black anarkali and teamed it up with her award winning smile and gorgeous hair. She looked very desi and NICE!!

Katrina Kaif at Race music launch
Source: blogspot.com

Magazine Cover

Once the industry realised her true potential, she became a celebrity and soon started appearing on magazine covers. Here, on the cover of Vogue, she looked breath-taking!

Katrina Kaif Vogue Magazine Cover
Source: blogspot.com

Pink Saree’s

Then, over the span of few years, Katrina Kaif made appearance after appearance in ranges of pink sarees and looked beautiful in all of them!!

katrina kaif famous pink saree styles
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Katrina made a lot of appearances where she looked smokin’ and pipin’ hot! But, this Gauri and Nainika outfit makes her look so pretty!!

katrina premiere gauri nainika
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Red alert!

Then, to one of the award shows, she wore this beautiful red dress by Notte by Marchesa and showed everyone how it’s done!


katrina kaif notte marchesa star screen awards
Source: katrinakaifonline.net

Floor length anarkali

And she also started the trend of floor length anarkali (which is still in fashion BTW!)

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Katrina Kaif in Floor length anarkali
Source: pinterest.com

Polka Dot Beauty

And then, she went on to show us how to look cute and pretty at the same time!

Katrina Kaif Hot in Polka Dots
Source:  blogspot.com

Airport Style

Her airport style has always been impeccable. What we love the most about her style is how she always wore black

Katrina Kaif airport styles
Source: pinterest.com

Greek Goddess Style

Ms Kaif also gave us few looks where we just gasped out loud! How was it even possible for her to look so pretty?!

katrina kaif Goddess Style
Source: pinterest.com

Denim on Denim

Unless they have Kardashian genes no one can carry denim on denim with such confidence. But Katrina Kaif has done it and ohmyGod!! She’s perfect!

Katrina Kaif in Denim style
Source: funrahi.com

Leather Queen

Ever heard the phrase – I’m sexy and I know it? Well, Katrina seems to live by it!

katrina kaif in Leather Queen
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Cut-out Princess

Lisa Haydon carries cut out dresses like no mans business and so does Katrina Kaif!!

P.S – Is anyone else wondering if beau Ranbir will pop the question on a romantic birthday dinner? We hope so!



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