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Smudge-Proof Tips On How To Apply Eyeliner The Right Way

by Fashionlady
How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner

Let’s admit it, as little girls we have always been bewildered at the way our mommies and grannies used their kajal and applied them so well, didn’t we? And as we grew up, we realized that the finesse wasn’t that easy to master, and can be the toughest thing to do. Sounds familiar? This is why we want to give you a few hacks on how to apply eyeliner, the easiest way. Read on girls, this information will come handy pretty soon!

How To Put On Eyeliner

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Here’s How To Put On Eyeliner Like A Pro

Did you know, with eyeliner you can change the shape of your eyes?! An illusion of small to big or big to small can be done when you know how to put on eyeliner the right way. Waterlining or tight lining is the key here, which is done with the help of waterproof pencils that rim the eyes on the top lash line only.

1. Dramatic Looks

For a dramatic look, rim the top lash line with waterproof kohl and focus on culminating at the inner part of the edge of the eyelids.

Eyeliner cheat sheet

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2. Want Cat Eyes?

Use scotch tape stencils to do your eyeliner, which would help form a triangle on the eyes outer corner, and underneath your eyes. Geometry at its best, you now can start filling the portions inside. Focus more on the outer corner and the outer tip of your eyelids for the perfect cat eye look.

Beauty cheat sheet

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3. Straight Lining

One more obstacle on how to apply eyeliner would be getting the straight lining for the lids done. If you have a thin piece of cardboard, a business card for example, use it. This helps keep the line straight, clear and crisp.

How to do your eyeliner

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4. Fed Up Of The Smudges

Who isn’t, and this is why when learning how to put on eyeliner, you should have a quick-dry concealer handy and ready. Even if you are using a pencil, it would take time for the kohl to set, and that is when the risk of smudging happens. Use translucent powder or concealer on the lids first and then apply the kohl- this act absorbs the pencil kohl or liquid liner faster.

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Best ways to apply eyeliner

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5. Perfect Outlining

If you really are struggling with the application and the best ways to apply eyeliner, you need to learn first how to apply eyeliner, which we mentioned above. To get the cat-eye look, follow these steps;

  1. Decide the shape you want, take a look at the various eyeliner ideas with cat-eyes online for the same.
  2. Start with one line beginning from the eyes outer corner to the middle an slowly to the other part of the outer corner- be very gentle
  3. Once that is done, do the same again, but this time over the line made and follow the curve of the lash line
  4. If it messes a little, do not worry- look downwards and the eyeliner wouldn’t smudge.
  5. Now fill it in!
Way to apply eyeliner

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Pencil Eraser To The Rescue

Did you know that the simple and very humble pencil eraser could help you perfect the eyeliner ritual? Your MUA wouldn’t tell you this, but when you cut the eraser on the pencil in half (half circle), it would help create a cat eye look instantly! A little touch up here and there would help master the look too!

Eyeliner ideas

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White Eyeliners

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Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

When all else fails, you can use the myriad of colours from the shadow palette to bring about a sexy pair of eyes for the world to see. And on that note, we hope you enjoyed this eyeliner cheat sheet, as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

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Do you have your own beauty cheat sheet to share? Do write in and we shall share them with the world!

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