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Eye-Makeup Tips For Women Over 40 – Age No Bar

by Fashionlady
Eyeliner Tips For Aging Eyes

How To Do Eyeliner Over 40

We salute our sisters over 40, because they now are at the prime of their lives. They have seen most of the ups and downs so far, and knowing it all, are raring to go ahead with utmost confidence and fierce grace. But today we would like to take the praise one step further, and teach our girls in their 40s to use eyeliner the right way. If you or someone in their 40s would like to know how to do eyeliner over 40, show them this post.

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Eyeliner Tips For Aging Eyes

Applying eyeliner doesn’t need to take the whole day, but for sure, when you learn these eyeliner tips for aging eyes, you would realize how different it is to learn new ways to look cool and young.

Eye-Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

1.We do not want you to skip the use of eyeliner at all. It is because of the humble eyeliner or the kohl, your eyes look wider, brighter, fresher, lovelier and very beautiful. This is why, learning how to apply the eyeliner right and when in your 40s makes all the difference. They allow the eyes to pop out and look very open too.

Famous eyeliner tips for aging eyes

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2.What we would look at is to use more of browns and grays as eyeliner hues than the usual black. This is because the black pigments can be very sturdy and harsh on the skin tone and texture, enhancing the fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes- our aim is to have a softer look at the end of the day.

applying eyeliner over 40

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3.Begin with the shading of the outer corner of the eyes, giving two or three very light strokes. And then go inward which helps smudge the eyeliner well and allows the pigment to rest on the lash line.

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Best Eyeliner for Aging Eye

Source: womenshealthmag.com

4.When using your eyeliner, the strokes especially should be thin. Don’t make it any thicker than the lash line or thinner as well- it would look awkward and funny, especially if you have puffy under eyes or large eyes.

eyeliner tips for big eyes

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5.With the help of a reputed Q-tip, go right ahead and blend the eyeliner for the upper and lower lash line- culminate it in the corners of the outer eye to shape the lids.

best eyeliner for aging eyes

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6.You must line the lower lashes too, but avoid as much as possible touching the inner rims of the eyes or the lower lash line. The aim is to bring about a soft touch to the eyes and not a harsh rim.

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What Type Of Eye Shadow To Use?

Now that we have given you the various steps and eyeliner tips for aging eyes, we would want you to choose your eyeliner properly and carefully. In order to avoid the look of Christmas on the eyes, we would want you to lay focus on what colours would be apt to wear- it should blend in for the occasion or the event you have been invited too- work or parties!

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1.When It comes to choosing your brow colour and considering you are in your 40s, you need to start with some filling in. We would look at coloured powders for the filling in, which work better than what a pencil for the eyebrows can do. Aim for fuller looking brows!

Eyeliner Makeup

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2.Sheer eye shadow for an everyday look is best to use. It is light in colour and blends naturally into the skin. You could look for camels, pinks, pale pinks or creams and off-whites too. These are shades that look bright and make the eyes a vibrant lot too. Don’t pick shimmer and shine, opting for matte shades would be the best thing to do.

Best Eyeliner Tips For Women Over 40

Source: womenshealthmag.com

3.Finally, do enhance the look with three strokes of invisible mascara and not the black ones!

Eyeliner Tips for Women

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Did you like our talk on how to apply eyeliner for women in the 40s? do let us know your thoughts on applying eyeliner over 40!

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