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Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyle – Here’s How To Get The Look

by Fashionlady
Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle
F.R.I.E.N.D.S, ahh sweet!

Remember those evenings when dinner was being eaten and the television set was on, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S zoomed into almost every household, taking over the whiny-rants of saas-bahu serials- yes folks, it was Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler along with their team that made us giggle and laugh. But that was not all, apart from the innuendos and funny antics, their funny fights and breakups too, there was one thing that caught our minds the most- THEIR SENSE OF FASHION. Who wouldn’t love to emulate the 90s hairdos and trends and the early 2000’s Jennifer Aniston hairstyle?

jennifer aniston haircuts

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Speaking Of Style, Fashion And Jennifer Aniston Hair

Almost every PYT and woman who watched the sitcom with religious devotion, had not only laughed to their heart’s content, but also took plenty of fashonizing tips to procure and apply in their daily lives too.

Let’s take a look at the myriad range of Jennifer Aniston hair, which in 2015 can be emulated as well.

Jennifer Aniston

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The Shrewder Yet Sassy Classy Fashionista Rachel Green

LOL, SHE RAN FROM HER OWN WEDDING—too lmaoo! But yes, Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston taught us a thing or two on hair styling, maintenance and more! Here are some of the very famous Jennifer Aniston hairstyles and looks on F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

short haircuts

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The Jennifer Aniston hairstyle ranged from long layers to faux bobs, blunt bob layers to lobs and with tons of colour experimentations too. Enjoy the show we pen down now, watch her styles and yes, grab a tissue should nostalgia take over very strong!

hairstyles like jennifer aniston

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Bob Cuts She Wore

Yes, amongst the various hairstyles flaunted and cutting off those long layers, Rachel Green whilst interning at a famous designer clothing line on the show, sported the sleek bob look. One of the best Jennifer Aniston haircuts and drastically hot and haute too, the world of PYTs wanted a change as well and donned the favorite hairdo.


hairstyle with bangs

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She Loved Them Long

Yes, and we are talking about her long hair! Remember how Rachel told Phoebe when the house got burnt down because of a hair curler, that her hair was straight and LONG! It was a goodbye to the sleek bob and the waves, and an adieu to the short haircuts she sported too. This time Rachel wore her hair long, epitomizing someone with grit, determination and a wild-child free spirited behavior too.

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best ennifer Aniston Hairstyles

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The Auburn Sexy Look

A Redhead she became, sporting the auburn sexy look in season 3, and it probably may have been then when PYTs across the globe rushed to the nearest salons to doll up on the same lines as Jennifer Aniston Hair was. Not a conservative look for sure, she added a pop of colour and brought about a style that would excite anyone around, especially for weekend clubbing!

Jennifer Aniston Best Haircut

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Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

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Rachel Green played by Jennifer Anniston, the character and the celebrity has come a long way since the good old 90s, watch below for the 2015 look and get inspired!

Jennifer Aniston Shortharstyles

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Inspired already? Would you like to try some of her hairdos or hairstyle with bangs, this time!

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