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Top 11 Places for Shopping in Pune

by Fashionlady
good old fashioned street shopping

good old fashioned street shopping
Pune has always been a great destination for some good old-fashioned street shopping. But luxury brands have entered the shopping scene in recent times and are slowly changing the landscape of Pune’s shopping hubs. While luxury brands can make a niche for themselves, they can never replace street shopping. After all, we Indians love our street shopping and thrive on bargaining and getting discounts. Below is a list of nice places for shopping in Pune.

Fergusson College Road Market

If you’re interested in budget shopping, then the Fergusson College Road Market is the ideal place for you. It is street shopping at its best, with a long line of shops selling clothing, accessories, books and other knick knacks. This is the hotspot for the younger crowds who are on a tight budget or looking for some everyday wear at reasonable prices.

M G Road

M G Road caters to the elite crowd. It houses some of the best brands and has some nice restaurants and pubs as well. You can find good buys at nominal prices if you’re lucky. It has a lot of places to eat, so do make it a point to take a break from your shopping to have a bite at one of the eat outs.

colleges and corporate offices in its vicinity

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Dhole-Patil Road

With colleges and corporate offices in its vicinity, Dhole-Pati Road features an intriguing mix of college students and corporate executives. It is a posh neighbourhood that houses the Boat Club and some elegant residential buildings. It is best suited for shopping for branded items.

Koregaon Park

Situated in close proximity to the Osho Commune, Koregaon Park exudes a mystical aura. You can find shops selling jewellery and other artefacts. Be sure to pick up a pair of the popular Osho chappals, available for fifty bucks a pair.

Tulsi Baug is a chaotic market that sells anything

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Tulsi Baug

Tulsi Baug is a chaotic market that sells anything from earthenware and sarees to some exotic jewellery. All you need is a little patience and a keen eye to spot the worthy goods in such a cluttered environment.

Juna Bazaar

Juno Bazaar is only active on Wednesdays and Sundays. You can find ethnic jewellery, antique coins, and other antique artefacts. It is not a mainstream shopping destination, but if you’re looking for antique things, then you may want to visit this place.

Fashion Street

This is a must-visit place. While considered a little bit on the expensive side, Fashion Street has it all. You can get pretty much anything as far as clothing and accessories are concerned. Shopping in Pune is incomplete till you’ve paid a visit to Fashion Street.

The Hong Kong Market Lane

Time flies by when you’re in the Hong Kong Market Lane. As the name suggests, this market sells hordes of foreign goods. You can buy some statement watches, fashionable clothing, beaded jewellery, cell phones and other such items. Go with an open mind and let the merchandise surprise you.

Jangali Maharaj Road

The J M Road is frequented by college students as it houses many fast food joints. If you’re very particular about your brands and are a connoisseur of International brands, then you will feel right at home here.

Bajirao Road

Head to Bajirao Road if you’re looking to buy furniture for your home. There are a few shops that sell clothing as well, but the major portion of it is just furniture. You can find all types of furniture stores here —from antique to contemporary and from modular kitchen fittings to custom made furniture.

Laxmi Road

With the market stretching for over four kilo meters, Laxmi Road is another must-visit shopping spot. Here you can find clothing for all seasons. The market is closed on Mondays and in the afternoons, when the shop keepers have their afternoon siesta.

all the places to shop at in Pune

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So there you go; a list of all the places to shop at in Pune. If you know exactly what you want, then you can just pick a location from the above list for your shopping. But if you’re unsure of what you want and are looking to be inspired, then by all means, visit all the places in the list. I know from personal experience that when street shopping, you find the most amazing things when you’re least expecting it. So keep your eyes wide open, because inspiration can strike anytime.

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