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Top 3 Natural Beauty Oils for Your Skin that come with a Price Tag

by Fashionlady


With cosmetics turning out to be more and more harmful, women are now looking for organic beauty products that can work smoothly on the skin without any kind of side effects. If you thought picking  up just any body oil would work then my darling readers this edition should be your warning bell.

During winter, body oil becomes the most searched for product next to moisturizer. With so many options available in the market, finding the right type can be a daunting task.

While commercials have gone so powerful to easily manipulate anyone to use a product, you can too fall into the trap by getting carried away with their alluring ads.

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While synthetic items are doing no good to the skin and hair, it’s time we went back to the time and picked some natural (grandma’s) suggested beauty products.

A quick sneak peak on beauty oils –


There are numerous benefits associated with body oils. They contain numerous anti-oxidants, Vitamin A & C and even fatty acids. All these are essential in producing healthy collagen which remove dead skin cells. The collagen fibers also replace the dead cells with new ones, thereby reducing swelling and inflammation.

The anti-oxidants also help in enhancing the skin from within. They increase the production of healthy cells, which result in glowing and healthy skin. On the other hand, Vitamin E is helps in preventing damage occurred due to UV-light exposures and free radicals.

With all those benefits, the natural oils are friendly with any skin type without giving any side effects.

For your convenience I offer you top 3 natural beauty oils that might hit the jackpot on your beauty regime. Read on!

Marula Oil


In Africa, it is popularly known as the ‘Miracle Oil’ and has been used by the African women for centuries now. Its powerful anti-ageing and moisturizing benefits have enabled this oil to become one of the best natural body oils one can go for.

As the name suggests the Marula oil is extracted from the fruit kernels of the marula tree. This exquisite medicinal tree is found mostly in Kenya. It is highly priced, as it’s not readily available in any other countries other than African nations.

This natural body oil is capable of nourishing and deeply hydrating the skin, while preventing the skin from further damage. The free radicals become inactive, which mainly accelerate the process of ageing.

Apart from being laden with fatty acids and Vitamin E & C, the oil is also enriched with higher levels of Omega Oils and anti-oxidants. The oil has been practically proven as  it reduces fine lines and wrinkles right from the crow’s feet to the ones appearing around the lips.

This is another natural oil, which is popular across the world because of its multiple advantages. The best thing about this oil is that it can also be used on face and hair apart from body.

The oil is extracted from the Argan tree and is pricey as it’s endemic to only a small area in Morocco. The oil is extracted from the fruit kernels, which blossom only twice a year, thereby making it one of the most coveted oils in the world.

This natural beauty oil comprises of Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamins A & E. The fatty acids present in this oil increase the production of collagen thereby regenerating new yet healthy skin cells.

The oil can be directly used on the face, as it acts as a natural moisturizer and can be even put on sunscreen because of its high sustainability to the sunlight.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of the skin, the oil also medicinal values. It treats skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and scars.

Apricot Kernel Oil


Did you know cyanide is natural synthesized from sugars present in the raw seeds of apricots? Now you must be wondering how can the oil of apricot be good for your skin?

Well, when the dried seeds of the fruit is cold-pressed, the apricot kernel yields mild fragrant oil that is absolutely safe for body. It is moreover loaded with fatty acids and vitamins that act as anti-oxidants for the skin.

Due to the presence of high oleic and linoleic acid content, the oil becomes a major source of saturated fats. It is commonly used in the several cosmetics including soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

Since it’s readily absorbed in the skin, you can use the natural oil directly on your skin. It is also an ultimate massage oil, as it reduces stress, pain, inflammation without irritating the skin. The oil is quite pricey like the above two because of the numerous beauty benefits associated with it.

Hope this helps!

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