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Top 7 Healthiest Foods for Women

by Fashionlady
Top 7 Healthiest Foods for Women

Top 7 Healthiest Foods for Women

In most of the cases we have noticed how health conscious women only focus on their workout regime and often ignore the diet they take. No matter how many hours you spend in gym, you will never get the desired results unless you get your food right. With the concern that all your efforts should not go in vain at gym, I offer you top 7 healthiest foods for women that also help in losing weight. Read on and stay inspired!

A woman’s nutritional needs are always specific than a man’s health requisites. According to a professor from University of Maryland School of Medicine,

“Women are special. They have unique nutritional requirements to keep them energized and focused, especially as they age. And that means over the age of 30! Here’s a great list of foods that every woman needs to incorporate into her weekly diet to guarantee that as each year goes by, she stays as healthy and fit as she can.”

Did you know there are foods that work your waistline as soon you consume them? Such types of foods help in building muscles and also promote fat burning and burn calories.

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These power foods also brag about their different benefits, such as they can fight against serious diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. They also strengthen the immune system and also protect and smoothen the skin. And above all, they help us lose weight and stay slim.

Healthiest Foods for Women

Source: getloss.com

If you’ve added most of these healthy foods already then it’s great! And if not, then it’s time you loaded up your meal with nutrients.

Following are the top 6 healthiest foods for women. These are also some of the best fitness foods for women. Continue reading!

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1. Almonds with skins intact – Not only almonds but also nuts help in building muscle and reduce cravings. So stop munching on unhealthy snacks and instead add in nuts to your 4PM diet.

Almonds with skins intact

Source: chiconut.com

2. Dairy products – Fat-free milk, yogurt and cheese are extremely necessary for women who do rigorous physical work. These dairy products help build strong bones and believe it or not but they boost weight loss. This is one of the healthy foods for women over 40 years.

Dairy products

Source: wordpress.com

3. EggsAn omelet a day can shrink your waist. Researchers at Louisiana State University have found out that if overweight women had 2 eggs for breakfast, for 5 days, lost 65% of more weight than women who consumed cereals and bagels. The reason being, eggs are much more satisfying to eat than carbs, and it making them feel full for longer time period.


Besides, eggs consist of essential amino acids that help in muscle growth and repair. They also burn fats and reduce the risk of cancer.


Source: i.huffpost.com

6. Peanut butter – This worldwide popular spread boosts testosterone, which is beneficial for women. It builds muscle and burns fat.

7. Walnuts – Apart from lowering the risk of breast cancer, they also help reduce stress lever. Needless to say walnuts prove beneficial in weight loss too.


Source: walnut.net.au

These are the top 7 healthiest foods for women that you should add to your diet to maintain your health and impressive figure.

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