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Health Benefits Of Chocolates

by Fashionlady
chocolate health benefits

health benefits of chocolate

Chocolate (the dark one) is one of the superfoods that you must always have in your refrigerator as there are numerous health benefits of chocolates that you may be or may not be aware of. When was the last time you stopped yourself from indulging in your cravings for those tempting cocoa bites because you thought it might add to your waistline?

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Is Chocolate Good For You?

The happy thing is that after reading the health benefits of chocolates, you will not cease yourself to indulge in your love for chocolates! Learn these benefits of chocolates and convince yourself and others why you should have them on daily basis! The answer to is chocolate good for you, is mentioned right below.

1. Chocolate Acts As a Mood Enhancer

Have you ever wondered why chocolate brings smile on your face when you feel blue? This is one of the most alluring health benefits of healthy dark chocolate. It is known that cocoa, of which chocolate is made of, was used to as a healing plant in the ancient ages. It stimulates your brain and causes it to release the happiness hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Next time, whenever you are under stress, don’t hesitate to bite into a cube of dark chocolate for instant mood booster.

is chocolate good for you

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2. A Keeper of Healthy Heart – Chocolates

Did you know a chocolate contains five times the flavonoids that of an apple? Wow! This doesn’t mean you should consume many chocolates in a day. Remember, chocolates come with heavy dosages of sugar, milk and butter as well. Hence, consuming one or two cubes of a chocolate a day that too a darker one is the intelligent choice. A small serving of chocolate keeps your cardiovascular health in a good shape. It also prevents the risk of heart failure and lowered blood pressure because of the amount of flavonoids it has, which makes chocolate good for you!

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Best health benefits of chocolate,

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3. Dark Chocolate Cubes Protect Your Skin from the UV Rays

One of the astounding benefits of chocolate is that the high amount of flavonoids can protect your skin from sun’s harshness. It reduces the reddening effects that are caused by sun burn. A very encouraging fact to make dark chocolate a part of your daily diet to avail chocolate’s health benefits. Despite this, the high level of antioxidants that the chocolates boast of help keep your skin glowing throughout the day!

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4. Chocolate Makes You Eat Less, Hence Lead to Weight Loss

If you are in a habit of over eating due to instant higher hunger pangs, best is to consume 100 grams of dark chocolate or milk chocolate at least two hours before your lunch or dinner time! Studies show that eating dark chocolate triggers around 17 percent lower calorie intake at the following meal, when it’s compared to the consumption of milk chocolate. Lower calorie intake is when combined with workout will lead you to early and healthy weight loss.


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5. Chocolates Provide Relief Through PMS

Besides flavonoids and high antioxidants, chocolate is rich in magnesium, which is known for reducing water retention and uplifting one’s moods. Chocolate also makes brain to release endorphin hormones that provide calmness to your anxiety. Now, you know why you crave for a piece of chocolate when mood swings occur during your menstruation time.

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With so many benefits at its bay, eating chocolate doesn’t mean you skip your workout. Exercise, healthy diet and dose of chocolate are the right combination for a healthy you. Certainly, now you have no reasons at all not to indulge in your cravings for chocolates, however in moderation! Happy healthy chocolate eating!

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