The Best Mauve Lipsticks For Dusky Skin

Best Mauve Lipsticks

Indian women are the envy of other women around the world. Their beautiful dusky or olive skin is coveted by everyone. So, every time you whine that there is no lipstick in Sephora for you, rejoice instead because you are the object of envy somewhere!

We can say we are blessed with one of the most beautiful skin tones-dusky and warm; we can rock any lipstick for dusky skin with so much class. This is the season of mauve and we are checking out the different mauve lipstick shades in this article. When you are thinking about mauve lipstick for Indian skin, there are tons of brands which have the most gorgeous, long-lasting and pigmented colors.

Look one of the amazing lipstick shades for Indian skin

Lipstick for dusky skin


Let’s Get Started With The Perfect Lipstick For Dusky Skin

Oh, don’t worry we have got you covered for some of the most common brands. Be sure to find the perfect lipstick for dusky skin.

M.A.C’s Best Mauve Lipsticks

M.A.C is the Holy Grail for all lipstick loving fashionistas. Everyone loves M.A.C and M.A.C loves you back with some of the best mauve lipsticks in town. They have the mauve colours in sheen, matte and glossy and you are actually spoilt for choice. The lipsticks here are highly pigmented and last literally from 9-5. They may be a little expensive (They’ll make you poorer by Rs. 1450!), but hey! They are the best lipsticks you can get for that price. And actually, they are well worth every penny.

Check out our favourite Mauve shades from M.A.C

Mauve lipstick shades


Shade recommended: M.A.C Midi Mauve

Maybelline’s Best Mauve Lipsticks

Another one of our favourite brands, Maybelline’s range of lipsticks is extremely creamy and lasts for a long time too. And the best part about them-They actually don’t cost a bomb! For just Rs. 450, you will get a beautiful coloured lipstick which makes your pout look moisturized and extremely supple!

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Lipstick shades for Indian skin


Shade Recommended: Dusky mauve

Milani’s Best Mauve Lipsticks

This is one of the lesser known and underrated brands in the industry, but most of us who have used the lipsticks from them, actually swear by them! Their USP is that they have the most mesmerizing shades which are also extremely moisturizing. This one is one brand which will keep your lips moisturized for the entire day! You wouldn’t have to reapply and you definitely will not have to burn a hole in your pocket. They come for just Rs. 450!

Best mauve lipsticks


Shade Recommended: Plush Mauve

Colorbar’s Best Mauve Lipsticks

Did you know that mauve lipsticks can actually brighten up your skin tone? Now you know! Colorbar’s shades of mauve are extremely appealing and bright. For a glam night out, make sure you use one of them. Their lasting power is pretty strong and they can brighten up your complexion in a jiffy and at an attractive price of Rs. 350 only!


Colorbar Mauve Lipsticks


Shade Recommended: Forever Mauve

NYX’s Best Mauve Lipsticks

This one is again in one of the expensive ranges, but you will not regret buying a Nyx product. It lasts pretty long and you will have wonderful looking supple lips. Its creamy texture makes it one of the best lipsticks in town. They come for just Rs. 990!

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NYX Mauve Lipsticks


Shade Recommended: Mod Mauve

We hope you like the awesome number of choices we have given you! Make sure you check out this list before you go out to buy the best mauve lipstick.

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