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Top 9 Best Mascara For Long Lashes

by Fashionlady
Longlashes for women


Mascara is one makeup item that never fails to keep your face in check. A single coat of this workhorse is enough to make your eyes pop out and give your face the requisite dramatic effect! Today, you can find perfect mascara for all eyes types and even for all occasions! Whether you want your lashes to look subtle, voluminous, curled up or long; there is perfect mascara available for you to grab! However, in this section, we have rounded up some of the best mascara for long lashes! You can be confident of making your eyelashes look ‘impossibly long’ without any clumping or flaking! Check them out:

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1. Benefit They’re Real

There is a reason this formula has won awards! Boasting of a custom-domed tip, this non-flaking and non-smudging formula inculcates all-in-one features! Not only does it add exceptional length but it also volumizes and separates each lash to almost give a false eyelash look. Leaving no lash unnoticed and staying put from morning to night, it is undoubtedly one of the best mascara for long thick lashes. No wonder it has an almost cult following!

Best mascara for long thick lashes

2. Tom Ford Ultra Length

Use this mascara to give your lashes a defined and clump free eye-catching effect! Adding some serious length to your eye-lashes with just one or two coats, it is undoubtedly the best mascara for long straight lashes! A dark, rich black formulation oozing just a hint of latex shine, its tapered and slightly angled brush leaves no lash unattended! Surviving high temperature and humidity like a breeze all day long, it is your ultimate choice if you have short and thick lashes or have them thinned out at the ends!

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Best mascara for long straight lashes

3. Lovatics Mascara By Demi

While the entire make-up range launched by Demi Lovato in collaboration with NYC is awesome, we are specially enthralled by its mascara! Boasting of a dual-fiber brush and a formula containing both beeswax and carnauba wax, it emerges as the best mascara for long lashes which adds some serious volume! Costing below $5, the mascara is easy on your pocket as well and a clear steal!

Best mascara for long lashes

4. Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara

With a unique adjustable mascara band, the applicator easily touches the roots of the lashes and combs them in one sweep! Coating and separating every single lash, it does an incredible work in the length department, not to mention the volume! Many vote it as the best mascara to get long lashes! Great for even bottom lashes as well, this sweat proof and flake proof mascara never fails to impress!


Best mascara to get long lashes!

5. Lancome Mascara-Definicils

This signature, fragrance free formula with a ‘hedgehog’ pattern patented brush separates each lash to lengthen and define them in the most striking manner! Its bio-selective polymers stick to your lashes through electrical attraction to give them an astonishing natural length and definition! It definitely sets the bar for mascara for naturally long lashes! Get the dramatic look minus clumps!

Mascara for naturally long lashes

6. Maybelline Lash Sensational

Experts swear by this drugstore mascara as the best mascara for full long lashes! Unfolding through ten layers of bristles, it stretches and extends every single lash to extend them like crazy while volumizing them as well! Use this to make your eye lashes look impossibly long without any clumps!

Best mascara for full long lashes

7. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Using microfil technology and micro-waxes, this mascara gives you dangerously long lashes, not to mention some serious volume and definition! Be confident of a dramatic look with just a few strokes of this mascara! Final effect is almost a clone to false eye-lashes! Coming across as the best all-in-one mascara, it can easily be removed with a water based cleanser. It remains a step ahead of competition amongst the high end mascaras for a full-fringed effect!

9. Almay’s Get Up & Grow

True to its name, the mascara not only gives the much required length to your lashes but also strengthens them, thanks to its unique anti-breakage and pro-vitamin conditioning formula! Its brush is designed to reach every single lash for a perfect and clump free look! Those with sensitive eyes would fall hard for it due to its extra gentle formula! One wear and you are bound to be hooked to it!

Almay's Get Up & Grow

Hope you have picked out your favorite! Did it match the effect we promised? Do share your take on it!

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