Recycle Tips: How To Put Old Mascara Wands To Good Use


Old Masacara Wands

They say eyes are a window to the soul. And mascaras are like a gift from heaven when it comes to sporting long eyelashes.

But what are you as a college gal, office goer or a party animal going to do with old masacara wands. Throw them off like garbage, or show a bit of your imagination in how to use old mascara wands?

How To Use Old Mascara Wands

Here are some effective ways to reuse old mascara wands. You will be surprised to find out how the old wands can be still used, and counted upon as your Man Friday.

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Brush Your Brows

Okay, we know you are in the thick of stressed out schedules. Your eyebrows might go unruly at times (can’t blame them though). Instead of ending up looking a tired nanny, use Mascara wands to give a picture perfect look.

First sanitise your old mascara wand with a detergent solution in order to disinfect it. Then load it up with Vaseline or brow gel and brush your eyebrows once you are through with the makeup. These will make your eyebrows look neat and tidy. If you want, you can also fill your brows with a dark brow powder or a dark brown eyeshadow and then run a clean mascara wand over it to get a natural look in eyebrows.

Great ways to use old mascara wands

Exfoliate Chapped Lips

Fingers are the most common tool used to exfoliate chapped lips. Some creative gals also use a toothbrush for the same. One of the best ways to use old mascara wands is on the lips.

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Yes, all you need to do is put your old masacara wands into Vaseline or lip scrub or even olive oil mixed with sugar granules and put it on your lips in such a motion which helps remove the chapped part of your lips. Follow it up by using a tissue paper to wipe off the peeling skin.

how to use old mascara wands

Thicker And Longer Eyelashes

Used mascara wands can help in increasing the growth of your eyelashes too. During night before going off to sleep, dip a mascara wand into castor oil and apply it on the lashes. Leave it overnight and wipe it off the next morning. Within a week’s time, you will notice longer and healthier eyelashes.

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ways to reuse old mascara wands

Shooing Away Hair Flyways

Whether you have a ponytail or a fancy bun, flyways can get to be pretty annoying. Put a pea sized bit of Vaseline on your mascara wand in order to tame the flyways. The best part about this effective ways to reuse old mascara wands is that Vaseline’s jelly formula helps keep the dry hair in place. Alternatively, you can also put hair spray to the mascara wand and use it to push the flyways.

effective ways to reuse old mascara wands

Remove Cuticles In Nails

Give a nail twist to your beauty salon trip by removing cuticles through old mascara wands at home.


In order to do that, you need to apply cuticle remover cream or extra virgin olive to your nails. Then through a mascara wand, buff the base of your nails to get rid of cuticles. Isn’t it simple and interesting?

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ways to use old mascara wand

Declog Your Sink

One of the best ways to use old mascara wands comes in your bathroom or kitchen sink. old masacara wands help you pull out the messy things clogging your sink through the bristles that pull up any major junk that’s stuck at the top.

best ways to use old mascara wands

Hope you enjoyed reading how to use old mascara wands. Let us know your tips too by writing your comments and replies. The best information is the one that is shared, after all.


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