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Five Fitness Wear Trends That Are A Must-follow Now!

by Fashionlady
Fitness Wear Trends

If you want to get into shape this year, then we have you covered! You are amongst the several lots with the same ambition for 2019-and sincerely, you shouldn’t stop. If you normally put off or procrastinate fitness regimes, the trend forecast for active wears should give you all the motivation you need to finally make your exercising routine a priority.

Fitness Wear Trends

Best Trending Active Wear to Choose From:

Whether you’re looking for cute workout attires to work in, or comfortable, chic outfits, you’ll definitely see these active wear trends cropping up this year.

1. Biker Shorts:

Biker shorts are on the mainstream lately. And, since it is decided that they’re the appropriate gym wear here and out, why not try out one for yourself? Their thigh-gap shaped leg openings and high top-waists features are flattering plus classic. You wouldn’t mind not wearing your pants for a change.

Biker Shorts

Source: refinery29.com

2. Super High Rise Leggings:

Who else is excited about the high-waist rise leggings? We’re starting to see them crop everywhere for good reasons. For starters, the stretchy fabric around the midsection provides the right fit without pinching. And the next big reason is, we can finally wear the celeb inspired gym look with sports bra and feel good about it.

Super High Rise Leggings

Source: cosmopolitan.com

3. Animal Prints:

By now you may have seen enough of animal prints. It has sneaked into our party and work attires. So it makes sense to finally see it reaching our active wear. The feline print can instantly lift your spirits and sass you need while hitting the gym. Plus, you can even take the set post workout, you’d still look great.

Animal Prints Active Wear

Source: instyle.com

4. Loose Fitting Tank:

Can we just go ahead and declare that loose fitting tanks are the newest active wear trend that’s come up? The newest addition is easy to wear and even easier to peel off. For a sweaty workout session, we highly recommend this piece. And they are cute, too. Check!

Loose Fitting Tank

Source: 2.hm.com


5. Exercise Dresses:

We love our workout attires as much as love all the pretty dresses. So workout dresses are a perfect answer to it. They are becoming a thing this season and we’re beginning to see various brands follow in sync with their desirable versions.

Exercise Dresses

Source: outdoorvoices.com

We can feel it-you are going to love all five of these active wear trends. Go grab them already.

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