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Trailblazing Ways To Be A Sensual Wrap Queen!

by Fashionlady
Sensual Wrap Queen

Wrap Queen

When one looks online for the meaning of ‘Wrap Queen’, your search engine surely throws up anything but the fashionable ways to tie a headscarf. Believe it or not, the search engine we used threw up ‘trap queen’ and not ‘wrap queen’, so we modified our search to look for ways to be a wrap queen, and where better to look for an answer than our mighty fashionable South Africa for an answer.

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African women for long have been known to have added grace, pizzazz and plenty of oomph to the colorful head wraps and scarves. Owing to the climes they live in, protecting the hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the grime or dust around is a must, which is why headscarves are so popular. Now wearing a headscarf the old boring way is not advisable for fashionistas like you. This is why we would want to explore the various ways of tying the headscarf or wrapping it around the head to add a statement in your fashion sense!

African women Fashion

1. Animal Prints Be So Haute

Animal wild prints in headscarves are hot fashion statements to make at the summer parties. There are various ways to flaunt the headscarf as a wrap on the head, and one of them being the quadruple layered head wrap.

Head Wrap Queen

2. The Gorgeous Fanmdjanm Wrap

To get this look, you would need to multilayer the first headscarf which would be a simple cotton head accessory. Now over this you would need to embellish the headscarf in quirky ways; a large rose or maybe a sunflower if possible.

Fanmdjanm Wrap Queen

3. The Diana Ross Wrap

If you are an ardent fan of the diva Diana Ross, you then would want to try out the Diana Ross head wrap for cocktail parties and special events, to flaunt at. Twirl your scarf and swirl it around your head, in layers. Secure the end of the wrap with bobby pins tucked into your hair!

Diana Ross head wrap

4. The Gele

In Nigeria, women wear the Gele (The African head wrap), which can be embellished with quirky hair accessories and statement pieces we Indians are fond of wearing. A passa to the side or maybe with a maang tika, seems to be a crazy way to flaunt your hauteness.

Gele Head Wrap Queen

5. The Criss Cross Head Wrap

For college girls who don’t have the time for headwrap ideas and yet would want to look chic and trendy, here is the criss cross head wrap style to flaunt. Start from the back of your head and bring both ends to the front, overlapping one another until your reach the mid point of the skull. Use bobby pins to secure the wrap into the hair.


criss cross head wrap

6. The Lucy Hairdo Wrap

You could also try the Lucy Hair-do wrap in five minutes and yet not miss the last train to college or work. The look comes as neat, clean and very simple, but we leave it to you for embellishments to use. Here below are the steps that show you how to do it.

Lucy Hair-do wrap Ideas

9. The Minnie Mouse Head Bow

A steal from Disney, the Minnie Mouse head bow is a cute way to flaunt your sassy style and sense of fashion. An easy way to style up the wrap would be by placing the mid section of the fabric behind your head and bringing the loose ends to the front; forming a bow!

Minnie Mouse head bow

10. The Traditional Bantu Headwrap

The tribes of Bantu are known to take pride in their headgear and head wraps, and the queen of the tribe ensures it is large, which reflects her status quo in society. Here’s how to emulate the same!

Traditional Bantu Headwrap Queen Ideas Do let us know if these headwrap ideas caught your fancy!

Images Source: pinterest.com

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