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Travel Gifts For Women Who Love To Travel

by Fashionlady
Travel gifts for women

Travel gifts for her

Sometimes the best gift any woman can give to herself is a change in location. Gone are the days when women were confined to kitchens and worried about empty sugar and salt tins. Today, women explore much more than men and this definitely calls for an applause! Well, that said, if you are breaking your brains about what to gift your traveler friend, there are plenty of options out there. Here’s a simple guide on the travel gifts for her!

Gifts For Women Who Love To Travel

When we talk about women, there are a whole lot of best travel gifts for her available in the market. So pick up what your friend will like and see that joy on her face.

1. Scratch-Off World Map

This is a great way to flaunt your traveling and to make your wall look interesting. Pick up one of these and simply hang it on a wall. Scratch off the places you have visited and see how interesting it gets, as you scratch the entire map.

Scratch-off world map For Women

2. Crumpled Map

Maps are bound to get crumpled over time and use and also become harder to read. So why not think of an alternative? Buying a crumpled map made of cloth would sort the issue. Use it however long, flip it, toss it and just stuff it in your pocket and don’t worry about the damage. This in our opinion will be one of the best gifts for women who love to travel. Apart from serving the purpose, it will also add to the coolness quotient.


Travel gifts for ladies

3. Pocket Friendly Games

Traveling is fun, no doubt, but everyone needs some recreation while traveling by train or flight. Consider buying a pocket-friendly puzzle or sudoku, which will let your friend kill boredom during those long hauls.

Gifts for Women Who Love to Travel

4. Warm Shawl

Women love to step out in style and those who travel are no exception! So go on and unleash the fashionista in you and pick up a trendy shawl which your friend can use. All said and done, we all feel cold in flights, so there is no way this will go for a waste. Plus, the shawl can also be used as a stole or just be draped around for more coverage. Serves the purpose, while striking a style statement too!

Warm Shawl For Women who loves travel

5. Cord Organiser

We all have a hundred gadgets that need to be charged from time to time. But carrying and organising all of those chargers is nothing but a menace! So, how do you fix this? Simple, a cord organiser will let you wrap the chargers neatly and also save you from mixing it all up. So, pick one and see how easy your job becomes!

Cord Organiser For Women who loves travel

6. Portable Weighing Scale

Weighing scales are always welcome for any traveler. Weighing baggage every time can be taxing. But having a portable weighing scale makes this so much simpler. So if your friend is the kind who likes such practical gifts, then this is definitely for her!

Portable Weighing Scale For Women who loves travel

7. Travel Iron

Crumpled clothing is an expected result of long hauls! And add to the sky rocketing laundry prices at hotels, we bet no traveler will save up that little extra for laundry. So invest in a cute, little iron box and make your friend’s laundry hassle free.

Travel IronFor Women who loves travel

Passport Holder For Women who loves travel

10. Personalised Travel Journal

A good travel journal is any traveler’s best friend! This comes handy for any traveler to record special experiences, adventures etc. So, no doubt, your friend will love this one. Personalise it with her favourite colour, countries she has traveled etc.

Personalised Travel Journal For Women who loves travel

11. Home Decor

Women love home decor and if you are buying for your traveler friend, then pick up stuff that symbolises the world map. Cushions, mugs, bed covers etc will be great options to personalise a traveller’s home.

Home Decor For Women who loves travel

12. Eyelashes Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are great for travel. Add some quirk to it, by picking up something with eyelashes or other funky prints.

Eyelashes Sleep Mask For Women who loves travel

13. Accessories

There is no woman who does not own an accessory bag! However, travellers have a specific taste, even when it comes to the earrings and bangles they wear. Globe earrings, a compass for a bracelet, mountains for rings and an airplane for a pendant might be some really good options.

Accessories For Women who loves travel

14. Travel Shoes

If your friend is an adventurous traveler, then travel shoes are a great option. It is quite obvious that an adventure traveler will always need a travel shoes for the journey. So it’s like an essential thing you can gift for his/her requirement.

Travel Shoes For Women who loves travel

15. Portable Charger

This is probably every traveler’s best friend. Not all places have a charging point and its not always our phones are charged fully. So invest in a good travel charger and stay connected with your friend at all times.

Portable Charger For Women who loves travel

16. Etched Globe Glasses

Add a little quirk to your friend’s cutlery collection by gifting her a set of globe printed glasses. Any traveler would love to use this glass at home or while traveling.

Etched Globe Glasses For Women who loves travel

17. Scarves And Sarongs

Scarves and sarongs are two pieces every girl will love to pack and carry along. Not only do they accentuate a simple attire, but they can also double as blankets or towels.

Scarves and Sarongs For Women who loves travel

18. Kindle

There is no company better than books. However, it is impossible for travelers to carry a whole lot of books while they travel. So, a kindle would be a great gift for your friend to pack in her favourite books, without having to worry about excess baggage.

Kindle For Women who loves travel

So now that you have a whole lot of gift ideas for someone going traveling, go on, splurge and gift your BFF the best!

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