Treatment For Dry Skin Acne: How To Protect Acne-Prone Skin


treatment for dry skin acne

What do you associate with oily skin? Well, the first thing that will come to your mind is acne! Yes, one of the most prevalent problems with those who suffer from oily skin is that their skin also keeps breaking out in pimples! But what if you have dry skin and you still breakout? Actually acne in dry skin isn’t that uncommon and for adults who have acne, acne with dry skin can occur almost at any time of the year and sometimes without a trigger.

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The problem with treatment for dry skin acne is that most of the medication that is available for acne is specially formulated for people with oily skin. And if you use the same medication, it will end up irritating and drying your skin even more!

Best Treatment For Dry Acne Prone Skin

Most of the acne products work to dry up the skin and reduce the sebum formation because more sebum production is why most people suffer from acne. Let us give you some tips on the best treatment for dry acne prone skin.

treatments for dry skin acne

Dry Skin Acne Treatment:

Now that we know that all acne is not the same and even people with dry skin can get acne, here are some tips for treatment for dry skin acne:

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1. Find The Correct Treatment For Your Acne

Dry skin acne will not have the same medication as the one you would have used if you had oily skin. Look out for creams which do not specifically dry up your skin. There are certain forms of medication that can be more drying than others. So keep a look out for the labels and decide what would be the best form.

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For instance, medications that are in pads or those which are available in toner-like solutions and those which are water-based gels can be too drying for this skin type. Instead, look out for those treatment options which are in the form of lotions, creams, or ointments.

best treatment for dry acne

2. Regularly Use Moisturizer


Again, it is important here not to choose an acne treatment moisturizer. As mentioned before, they have certain medications that can further dry out the skin. Instead, pick a brand that you feel moisturizes your skin well and is also highly emollient. Reading the brand and the labels correctly is the first step in treatment for dry skin acne.

dry skin acne treatment

3. Don’t Be Overenthusiastic While Washing Your Face

You need to wash your face daily, but over washing can also be pretty problematic. The skin produces oil and dry skin patrons have some amount of oil on their skin too. But if you wash the skin too often and too harshly, you will be stripping it off the small amount of oil that the skin is producing.

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Hence, wash your skin only once or twice during the day and during the winter months, restrict it to just once. Don’t wash your face in super hot water. Just a splash of cold water is enough.

dry acne prone skin home remedies

Dry Skin Acne is also a condition and you need to know the correct treatment procedure to get rid of it once and for all!


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