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Tried And Tested Beauty Tricks

by Fashionlady
Tried and Tested Beauty Tricks

Tried and Tested Beauty Tricks
While we have already shared a couple of posts on beauty tips, here are some more to look out for. These tricks can save you from spending a fortune, as they are readily available in your kitchen. Here are the following tried and tested beauty tricks to consider for –

1. Count upon honey

Do not just limit honey to your morning toast, green tea or lemon juice. Instead, you can also use it as one of your beauty products. The anti-bacterial properties present in honey makes it ideal for a cleanser.

Just slather some on your face and leave it for few minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. You’ll get a smoother skin later on.

Count upon honey

Source: praxom.com

2. DIY lipstick

While most of the lipsticks available in the market contain lead; it’s better if you can go for DIY lipstick. If finding the desired shade is a problem, pick two shades that are close to your preferred one. Melt them for few seconds in microwave. Once the mixture hardens, you can then remove it from the microwave and cool it and use it on your lips.

DIY lipstick

Source: diycraftsmom.com

3 Adding shimmer to your skin

Instead of spending money on fancy shimmers available in the market, you can look out for some of your kitchen staples to create your own product. All you need to do is to mix some olive oil with your regular body lotion and apply it over your skin. You can still obtain the shine. Go, give it a try!

Adding shimmer to your skin

Source: topbeautybrands.com

4. Stick to your grandma’s tips

Coconut oil is one of the age old Indian beauty essentials, especially when it comes to hair treatment. While South Indians still swear by this oil, it is also widely used all over the world for its fabulous skin and hair benefits. Oiling is must for hair, so do a good massage with this oil, as it helps keeps you hydrated and gives a shiny hair.


Stick to your-grandma's-tips

Source: rokderm.com

5. Teeth whitening

You don’t have to spend big money on dentists to obtain super shiny teeth. Simply, you can mix mustard oil with baking soda and lemon juice and rub it on your teeth. Follow this process once in a week and you can gradually see the difference.

Teeth whitening

Source: blogspot.com

6. Apple cider vinegar for hair

Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. It helps in removing build-ups of your hair products along-with dirt, thereby giving you smooth and shiny hair. It’s specially recommended for those with oily scalp.

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Apple cider vinegar for hair

Source: alternativehealing.in

So those were my top picks on beauty tricks to consider. You can give them a try and see the difference naturally.

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