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How To Wear Fashionable Socks For A Nice Preppy Look

by Fashionlady
Fashionable Socks

Fashionable Socks

Pumps, platforms or strappy sandals are fancy expressions of footwear, but ever thought about fashionable socks? Yes, designer socks can be good for party wear as much as cool fashionable socks for campus. There was a time when socks were nothing great to show, but meant to hide. Today, socks have gone the colourful and printed way, with unique designs, and adorned with frills, etc.

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Socks have come a long way from a fashion ‘don’t’ to a fashion ‘do’. Irrespective of strappy heels, cool socks for girls can be the cutest accessory worth flaunting.

Firstly, you need to get yourself eye-catching socks that will add to your attire, not spoil the show. Plus you need to keep your outfit minimal, so that your trendy socks stand out in the crowd and get the deserving attention.

Take for instance, the French ‘It’ girl Jeanne Damas who has worn the socks and heels perfectly well. The colour of her heels goes well with the rest of her outfit and grey socks too.

Cool Fashionable Socks

Source: styla.com

You can also pick a cute and girly pair of socks with white dots and small stripes that goes right above the ankle.

How To Look Flaunt The Socks Fashion

Source: styla.com

Scroll down for some of the perfect style tricks on how to look flaunt the socks fashion that will give you the much-needed oomph. Take a look and let us know how you found this concept of fun socks for women. It is not only experimental, but chic and contemporary too.

Ankle Socks

Sporty shoes or sneakers make a great pairing with ankle socks. Thought it might look a wee bit boring, keep it fun by choosing dressy socks having prints or with lacy trim. You can also go for anklets which are easy to pull off and look subtle. Or for that matter, go ahead and chose sneakers that have fancy colours and prints to make them look like cool fashionable socks.

Cool Socks For Girls

Source: pinterest.com

Knee High Socks

These fashionable socks are bold statements in themselves. They not only give you the much needed extra warmth in the winter chill, they also give dimension, and texture to your outfit. Needless to say, knee high socks give you a more polished look than bare legs.

Fun Socks For Women

Source: pinterest.com

Since knee high socks give a full show of colors and prints as compared to ankle socks, you need to pay attention to the combination of colors and prints. While the neutrals are easier to mix and match, you can never go wrong with black.

Designer Socks

Source: pinterest.com

You can experiment with textures such as rib-knit, crochet, sheer, opaque rather than just plain cotton.

Trendy Socks

Source: wordpress.com


Thigh High Socks

Going well past your knees, the thigh high socks are not just super comfy but super sexy too. They might need garter belts to help them stay up and not fall down. But the best part about over-the-knee sock is that they are easily compatible with panties, skirts and shorts.

Thigh High Socks

Source: pinterest.com

In terms of accessories to match thigh high socks, go for a bohemian dress and a cute hat.

Women Thigh High Socks

Source: gurl.com

Want to look fun and quirky? Then pick this cute design of cat socks. It would be a nice and adventurous way to show your personality.

Cat Socks

Source: gurl.com

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Hope the fashionable socks shown above have been able to change your outlook towards dressing your feet. With a pair of interesting socks, you will be able to wear your favourite pumps and shoes a little bit longer. Write in your comments and let us know how to look flaunt the socks fashion.

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