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Turmeric Milk Health Benefits: Golden Milk Each Morning

by Fashionlady
Turmeric Milk Health Benefits

Turmeric Milk Health Benefits
An all rounder herb – a piece of turmeric when crushed and consumed with milk can do wonders for the body and the mind. Apart from being a powerful source to defeat inflammation, to detox our liver and as an anti-carcinogenic agent, there are many more reasons why the ‘nectar of Gods’ – the Golden Milk as it is popularly known, should be consumed.

If you still haven’t tried turmeric milk, you should now. Not only would it relax the body and the mind for a good nights sleep, but it would also bring in all the nutrition your body needs.

Benefits of Turmeric Milk

Beauty benefits of turmeric as an antioxidant

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant. It is one of the most available anti-aging ingredients found in Kitchen, which helps beat cancer and tumour cells on the skin, thanks to the onslaught of free radicals that play havoc as we age. Antioxidants also help slow down the ageing process of the skin and heal internal wounds too.

Beauty benefits of turmeric Milk

Health benefits of turmeric milk to prevent blood clothing

Turmeric helps with clotting of blood, and doesn’t allow infections to spread inside the body and on the outside too. When consumed with milk, it can be used topically as a face mask and internally it accentuates blood flow – crucial for oxygen transport to various parts of the body.

Health benefits of turmeric milk

Bone strength

Milk has calcium which keeps the bones strong, and turmeric, when added, accentuates the bone health too. Those suffering from arthritis and joint aches or pains should have a glass of turmeric every day.

Turmeric Milk's Health Benefits

Health benefits of turmeric milk for coughs and colds

A glass of hot turmeric milk brings relief from whooping coughs and pesky colds. No side effects which you’d otherwise face with chemical based pharmaceutical medication.


Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk

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Health benefits of turmeric milk for indigestion and bowel movements

Turmeric helps treat bowel issues, indigestion and diarrhea too. Use it with low-fat milk only, because milk with high-fat content aggravates diarrhea.

Turmeric milk for constipation

Health benefits of turmeric milk for body detox

Keep the liver and other internal organs safe by having a glass of turmeric milk to do the needful. Your blood would be purified and the liver would have more hands to detox.

Turmeric Milk's Health Benefits for body detox

Health benefits of turmeric milk For Alzheimer’s and dementia

Patients with the first stage of dreaded dementia and Alzheimer’s disease should have a glass of turmeric milk every day. It helps slow down the progress of brain degeneration and brings down the coming off mid and final stages too.

Benefits of turmeric milk for skin

There are a number of turmeric milk benefits for skin which would instantly want you to start including it in your daily diet. We are sure by now you know how to make turmeric milk, scroll down to check out some of the benefits of drinking turmeric milk for skin:

  • Reduce damages like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc.
  • Prevent stretch marks occurring due to pregnancy
  • Drinking turmeric golden milk can also help in treating acne related problems.

Benefits of turmeric milk for skin

Benefits of turmeric milk for weight loss

A simple golden milk turmeric recipe can go a long way in taking care of your weight loss problems! The turmeric content helps in breaking down the fats which in turn speeds up the process of losing weight.

Benefits of turmeric milk for weight loss

Benefits of turmeric milk at night

Try this turmeric milk recipe and ensure to have it before going to bed. This would benefit you in a number of ways such as detoxification of gall bladder and liver, soothes inflammation, better digestion, whiter eyes, etc.


Mix ¼ turmeric paste, 1 cup of almond milk and 1 tsp of coconut oil over medium heat. Switch off the flame before it starts to boil. Add some honey to it and drink it u once it cools down.

Benefits of turmeric milk at night

Health benefits of turmeric with milk

Did you know that you could use turmeric milk for throat infection? This home remedy is one of the most effective remedies. Just add little turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and drink it daily. Another way you can use turmeric milk for a sore throat is to rinse your mouth with a mixture of turmeric and salt water.

Health benefits of turmeric with milk

Turmeric milk for cancer

You can also use turmeric paste for golden milk for preventing cancer. By drinking turmeric milk you can stop the growth of cancer cells. This is possible because of the curcumin present in turmeric.

Turmeric milk for cancer

Turmeric Tea Recipe Almond Milk

A turmeric almond milk combination along with other ingredients can result in a steaming cup of turmeric tea. This turmeric tea will aid in all the above-mentioned benefits.


Blend 1 tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of honey, ½ tsp cinnamon, 2 cups of almond milk, a pinch of black pepper, ¼ tsp ginger powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper. After blending them all together, pour the concoction in a saucepan and heat it for 3-5 minutes. Your turmeric tea is ready.

Turmeric Tea Recipe Almond Milk

Now that you know the various benefits of turmeric milk honey, turmeric latte with almond milk, turmeric milk for wound healing, etc., have you had your glass of turmeric milk today?

Disclaimer: This information is brought to you through research done reading material online. We would urge you to speak with your doctor before trying any of them. Your doctor’s word would take precedence over what is written here.

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