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Types Of Acne And What It Reveals About Your Overall Well-Being

by Fashionlady
different types of acne

Types of Acne

Ever since growing up as a teen, we have and without wanting faced issues of hormonal kinds. Our skin especially from the days of puberty along with hormonal changes plays up. Acne and pimples are a nightmare and they all begin almost the same way- in many forms, and quite different from one skin type to the next. Some are painful while others just appear and take time to wither away. But before rushing to the doctor or the parlor for treatments, it would be wise to read up on Types of Acne, which would keep you better informed on what to do next!

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Different Types of Acne Explained

Various Types of Acne

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For the teens out there, hold fort and stay strong, since you aren’t the only ones suffering from the skin issue. Some of us have in the past gone through what you are going through right now, and some of us still do. A majority of adolescents suffer from teen acne, one of the major concerns for teens worldwide. In some cases the acne is so severe that it mars the self-esteem and confidence of an individual.

what type of acne do i have

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With Regard To Adult Acne

Yes, as mentioned some of us adults suffer from acne and pimples too, hence the name. blame it on an unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits, dirt, grime and pollution or maybe the chemicals in your cosmetics and creams too, we adults have a tough time dealing with acne as well.

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what causes acne

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What Causes Acne?

The causes of acne can differ from one lass to the next, and let’s tell you some of the reasons why we have acne in the first place.

1. Hormones – Blame the hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to pout out. This is why acne flares happen and the menstrual cycle combined can make it a very painful affair to deal with. Pregnant women too can suffer from adult acne, so it isn’t only the teens with hormonal imbalances suffering from the same.

what cause acne

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2. Sebum oil which helps keep the skin moist and soft, should be blamed too. Acne and pimples happen only when there is an excess production of sebum in the oil glands. The follicles are clogged in the skin pores and the dirt or grime are blocked from being washed out. Eruptions thus happen!

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Causes of Acne

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3. When follicles fall out- Our skin sheds dead cells on a daily basis, and the more they shed the more of it accumulates onto our skin’s surface. Should you have overactive sebaceous glands, the dead skin cells mix with the sebum oil and clog skin pores. The natural process of skin renewal thus is stopped and that is why acne and pimples form.

Acne Causes

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4. Bacteria, dirt and fungi from the elements around, our hands and fingers, unwashed cosmetic tools and more can cause different types of acne and pimples too.

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When using makeup, please remember to pick up non-comedogenic cosmetics. In addition to that, the makeup you use should be easy on the pores, which means you need to pick makeup that doesn’t clog the skin pores. And of course, always choose makeup that is hypoallergenic too.

treatment for acne

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Makeup remnants can cause acne, which isn’t a myth but a fact. This happens when the remnants, mostly chemicals, mix with the dead skin cells and the sebum, not allowing the pores to wash off the toxins and grime in time. When this happens, it means that the pores are clogged and would not be able to flush out the dirt, giving rise to acne and pimples.

best treatment for acne

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This is why when you ask the doctors in skin care for the best treatment for acne, they would always advise you on a healthy diet, cleaning your skin twice a day and holistic facials once a month!

We hope this information on acne comes in handy!

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