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Nine Different Types Of Shoes To Wear With Tights

by Fashionlady
Shoes To Wear With Tights

Tights are a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe, as they are one of the most versatile to style. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of shoes with tights. Women can wear these shoes with tights or leggings. There are all types of shoes that can be worn with tights, such as brogues, booties, pointed stilettos, platform heels, and combat boots.

Shoes To Wear With Tights

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While there does exist a fashion faux pas when it comes to pairing shoes with tights, the lines between the good and bad are a little blurred. To simplify your shoe styling, we’ve rounded up several shoes and tights pairings we love.

Shoes With Tights

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Best Shoes To Wear With Tights:

Here are our top picks of tights and shoes

1. Sneakers With Tights:

Wearing sneakers never get old and they always look fresh. Seek out sneakers with tights and they’re pretty much the only thing you’ll require to play up the rest of your outfit. Or, make sure to have clashing printed tights to liven up your outfit, but also ensuring that you have a dash of black and white to pull the whole outfit together.

This combo should no longer be ignored but embraced. It is not only for the minimalist for comfort and style, but it’s also perfect for when you’re running around doing errands.

What Shoes To Wear With Tights

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2. Heels With Hosiery Tights:

Heels are fail-safe shoes to pair with tights. It adds instant drama to an otherwise causal occasion. We have already demystified tights with heels, so the next logical step is to take what we’ve learned, and take it a notch higher. That’s style! You can try kick-step-ready shoe and hosiery pairings that are thoughtfully organized for easy shopping.

One classic example is wearing a mini dress, which looks flattering with black tights and platform heels. Likewise, as with several tricky styles, the elegance lies in the execution. You can also wear tights with one-toed shoes. However, we recommend keeping the shoe to peep-toe rather than a huge open-toe sandal for best comfort and style.

Tights And Shoes

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3. Platform Shoes With Fishnet Tights:

You may have thought that this pairing would never work. Allow us to prove you wrong. These classic tights are having a major comeback and all it takes is an inspiration. There are several methods you can style fishnet tights. One way is to look at them as an add-on accessory by allowing them to peek out from under jean hems, or showing off few inches just above your pant’s waistband. Finish the look by pairing with a hot pair of platform shoes.

Platform Shoes With Fishnet Tights

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4. Brogues With Sleek Tights:

Brogues are an unexpected pairing with tights and look understated yet effortlessly stylish. They are a perfect alternative to heels and are a simple day-to-night look. If you’re nervous to wear your brogues, ease into it with reliable tights.

A dress with matching opaque tights is a no-fail method to rock brogues, and this look can work for casual and formal occasions alike. Besides, sleek tights pretty much make everything look cooler, and brogues are no exception.

Brogues With Sleek Tights

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5. Pointed Stilettos With Tights:

Pointed stilettos are a safe bet to pair with tights bringing added drama to an otherwise basic outfit. Wear a pair of single-soled pointed stilettos with a pair of well-loved tights, and you’re set. It almost doesn’t matter what you wear on top.

The combination of tights and pointed stilettos can give your outfit a ‘heading to a fashion event’ vibe. Here are few of the tricks you need to soak to wear tights. Do not shy away from layering a dress over the tights. And trying pointed stilettos is essential to start showing off your toes!

Whether they’re suede or leather, flat or block heels, booties aren’t only surprisingly wearable, but they can also be styled with a midi-skirt that falls below the boot, allowing a sliver of tights to peek out between your boot and short hemline.

Booties With Tights

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7. Colored Shoes With Black Tights:

While classics like white, black, and navy never go out of style, why not select a pair of shoes in a vibrant color next time to pair with black tights? We’ve been noting a big trend of black tights with colored shoes made available in various hues like red, green, yellow, and pink. And pairing these colored shoes with black tights look rad, even after years of wear and tear.

Black Tights With Colored Shoes

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8. Neutral Shoes With Colored Opaque Tights:

Yes, even adults can wear colored tights in red, yellow, green, or blue? But how is it possible to do this without looking loud? If you are wary of colored tights, try wearing a pair underneath a cropped pant. This can give you the right pop of color without being trashy. Or, if you are trying out bright colored tights, make sure to keep all other pieces of your look neutral.

A classic white boot and navy dress will allow your tights do all the talking. Other than that, you can also wear your colored tights with a pair of open-toed shoes, which are spring and summer approved.

Neutral Shoes With Tights

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9. Combat Boots With Patterned Fishnet Tights:

Combat boots can always finish off a tights look, giving it a funky vibe, especially when juxtaposed with an ensemble like a turtleneck and polished dress combo. These boots are great to pair with any patterned tights. Adding the boots to the look makes it feel laidback and effortless.

Boots With Fishnet Tights

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These are our top picks of what shoes to wear with tights. Hope you love them as much as we do. Do share us your opinions in the comments box below.

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