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Unique Gifts For Your Loved Ones Under INR 1,000

by Fashionlady
Unique Gifts Under INR 1000
Unique Gifts Under INR 1000

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Got an occasion coming up? Great. It’s going to be all fun and excitement. But there’s one thing your brain could be struggling hard. Really hard. And that is finding out the gift to be given, and more importantly Unique gifts for your loved ones under INR 1,000.

Hey, this task might sound biggggger than the annual fiscal budget our Government came up with, isn’t it?

Worry not. This blog shows you some innovative gifts under 1000 rupees that will not only please you but also the recipient of this gift. It could be your date, your elder or younger sis or bro, the dude or lass who you have a crush on, your friendly and caring neighbour, your grandparents, the arty soul who you met at the metro station, even your boss.

So let’s do a scan of some creative and unique useful gifts which come under 1K. They will not be the mundane sweet boxes and dry fruits or flowers. You now don’t need to wait for an occasion to send gifts under 1000.

1. Moroccan Inspiration iPhone 6 cover by Kolorobia

Price – INR 745

For every iPhone owner, it’s a delight to have fancy covers for their gadget. You can delight them reasonably by gifting them this impressive looking Moroccan art inspired case cover for their iPhone gadget. Specifically cut out for the iPhone 6, the cover boasts of 3D technique digital print. This unique useful gifts looks apt as online gifts under 1000. At the end of the day, it is a functional and pleasing gifts under 1000 rupees.

Want to know more about the brand Kolorobia? It strives to add color to your life with wonderful designs, beautiful artworks and priceless paintings printed on daily use products.

Moroccan Inspiration iPhone 6 cover by Kolorobia

Source: kolorobia.com

2. Poppadum Art Water Me Planter Speech Bubble Orange

Price – INR 800

This gift is for all your nature-loving quirky friends. If you thought you can use a chalk only on the blackboard, think again. This hand-painted cup-and-saucer planters with a unique 3D shape are one more item you can write on with chalk. This unique useful gift is perfect for jotting down little reminders, love notes, greetings, even the name of the plant itself. Any extras or added benefit in it? Yes, a pair of chalk which come as a bonus point. Just ideal for indoor décor, this bright and cheerful cup & saucer planter is.

Poppadum Art is a young Indie decor brand which designs and curates fun and happy products.

Poppadum Art Water Me Planter Speech Bubble Orange

Source: poppadumart.com

3. Naga Mithun Butter Knife

Price – INR 430

Butter knives are a daily usage item on the dining table. This primitive looking butter knife is not just a Unique gifts for your loved ones under INR 1,000, it is creatively unusual too. Anything special about this butter knife? Well, it is inspired by the Naga tribes and is made with bamboo. No one can miss out on the knife’s antique and rustic finish which gives it an ancient look. Buttering your boss will now be far easier with this online gifts under 1000.

Naga Mithun Butter Knife

Source: mojarto.com

4. Ornate Mughal A5 Journal

Price – INR 595

When you are gifting notebooks, journals, and books, you are well on your way to gifting something which is thoughtful and precious. The beauty of this ornate journal is the soft hues of its romantic Indo-Persian Mughal design and delicate foliage motifs. Makes as the best and most coveted gifts under 1000 rupees for any stationary lover. An impressive way it is to pen your thoughts and make important notes (even if it is love notes for your Valentine).

What’s brewing? Love, laughter, memories, stories of a bygone era or the future of digital revolution?

Explore cutting chai, perfectly unique useful gifts under thousand rupees. When you do, you will enjoy the feel of street chai right at home. The beauty point of this chai kettle from Poppadum Art is that it is made of aluminum and hand-painted to give it a feel of the Indian tea stall. Available in three lovely colors – pink, aquamarine and blue. A trip to nostalgia, right? A perfect gift for art and decor lovers this is.

Poppadum Art Chai Kettle Pink

Source: mojarto.com

6. Ginko Brass Spoon

Price – INR 497

With gingko leaves inspired shape, these spoons are certainly special. Do you know what Gingko is? It is an ancient tree with fossil remnants that go back to 270 million years, and have great healing power. Cast in metal and finished with the ‘margaz’ process, these spoons can be used for pickles, vinegar and yogurt. The finish will not tarnish, unlike raw metal. If you want to give your table settings an ancient looking sculptural element, then go for this hand-made finish gifts under 1000 rupees.

Ginko Brass Spoon

Source: mojarto.com

7. IVEI Wooden Pinboard with Key Hooks Pink

Price – INR 625

This one is for the organised souls. Anyone who needs a little bit (or more) of “organisation” in life (professional or personal) or is very particular about micro details can go for this gift blindfolding. This smart and colorful pin board adds color to boring spaces and also acts as a wall decor item.


What is IVEI?

“I Value Every Idea” is a society that works for the upliftment of artisans in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. This particular product is part of the “Quirk” collection of IVEI.

IVEI Wooden Pinboard with Key Hooks Pink

Source: mojarto.com

8. Wild Dreams Cushion Cover by Shruti Nelson

Price – INR 800

Here’s a cushiony affair designed for lovers of fairytales and everything dreamy. This dreamy cushion cover in digital print captures wilderness and movement in soft colours and fluid lines. The painting is by Shruti Nelson. Digitally printed on cotton-sateen fabric. Backing fabric in cotton-silk.

Wild Dreams Cushion Cover by Shruti Nelson

Source: indiancolours.com

9. Tote Bag by Haren Vakil

Price – INR 850

It is certainly a unique useful gifts. Haren Vakil’s quirky, original paintings in monochrome are featured on this bag. Two paintings are digitally printed on either side of this cotton canvas tote bag. Take this elegant and sturdy-looking shoulder bag for any occasion – to the movies, shopping or to college and show your fun side. This tote bag has a small pocket with zipper inside and a hook for the keychain. With different design artworks on either side of the bag, it helps you change the bag without having to really change it! How creative, right?

Tote Bag by Haren Vakil

Source: indiancolours.com

10. Ikat Glass Coaster

Price – INR 595

This vibrant looking set of coasters can also be Unique gifts for your loved ones under INR 1,000. Hope you are familiar with Ikat? It is one of the most well-known patterns in India used in clothing, rugs, on different fabrics, and in home décor. This coaster gives the ancient pattern a fresh and modern touch. Pleasing to the senses, these coasters provide a stylish base for glasses, mugs, and cups. Display it on special occasions so that your guests can admire your taste.

Ikat Glass Coaster

Source: kolorobia.com

So darling, which of these gifts under 1000 rupees are you going in for? Tell us the item in the comment section.

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