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7 Unusual Yet Quirky Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas We Heart Like Crazy!

by Fashionlady
easy diy wedding decor ideas

indian wedding decoration ideas

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING? The food, the noise, the bridal wear, kids around, the whole family, plenty of friends, a huge guest list and a fancy hall or a shamiana where everyone sits and enjoys the occasion, right? But things have changed, and the new-age brides want more than the usual. She doesn’t mind quirking things up for her wedding, to make a long lasting impression on her guests. This is why, most brides these days opt for quirky Indian wedding decoration ideas. If you want to know about few Indian wedding decoration ideas, which aren’t run of the mill and are unusual, here are seven amazing and very quirked up Indian wedding decoration ideas to check out.

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7 Quirky And Easy DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

1. At almost every Indian wedding, there is a booze bar and that’s where the fun really is, almost. So instead of having a table with a plain runner on it, why not have an old pick up truck revamped as a booze station?

wedding decoration ideas

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2. If the marriage is a small one, you may want quirky yet simple wedding decor ideas that don’t cost a bomb. What you need is an elegant and a very vibrant touch that is resplendent of an Indian wedding; for the lobby where the guests would be seated. Here is an idea to play around with.

funny indian wedding decoration ideas

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3. For the reception day and should it be an outdoor wedding, instead of investing in setting up a stage for the bride and the groom to be seated at, you can have a swing embellished with flowers. Quite a romantic set up this would be, where the couple swings away as people come ahead to greet them.


wedding decor ideas

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4. The outdoor wedding during the day can have more colorful touches to it with vibrant origami fans placed as curtains all around. In various shapes and sizes, colors cool and warm toned too, the fans can be strung and hung all over the lobby and the gardens.

simple wedding decor ideas

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5. Have a scooter photo-booth installed, where the good old revamped scooter is painted anew and kept amongst fresh seasonal flowery décor. This is where the bride and the groom can take turns with the guests to pose for a picture or selfies.

diy wedding decor ideas

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6. More DIY wedding decor ideas and simple Indian wedding decoration ideas to use would be based upon your personality and imagination. But here is another one which talks of humor and glamour at the same time, fit for a fashionista diva that doesn’t want a boring Indian wedding. She wants to tell the world how she met her man, and wants them to dance to the tune as well!

simple indian wedding decoration ideas

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7. Probably a very cheeky way to make an entrée at his own wedding. Instead of the horse, what about having the groom surprising his wife making an entrée in an autorickshaw? It is one of the most hilarious and funny Indian wedding decoration ideas so far that we have found around. Maybe you could do this for your man, instead of waiting for him to do this for you!

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