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Vogue Beauty Awards 2016 Laurels The Strong Minds Of The Beauty Industry

by Fashionlady
Vogue Beauty Awards 2016 Laurels

Vogue Beauty Awards 2016 Laurels

The Vogue Beauty Awards that was celebrated by Vogue, India on their successful wrap-up of 2016 not only focused on the Bollywood beauties but also applauded the best of the best from the beauty industry. Let’s take a look.

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Best Photographer : Tarun Vishwa

It’s an art to capture not just smiles but the impeccable beauty of the soul in a frame. The world of fashion involves colors, majesty and style, and Tarun Vishwa is good at shooting not merely what it looks like but what it feels like as well.

Tarun Vishwa

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Best Skin Expert : Dr Jaishree Sharad

With a myriad of anti-aging secrets, Dr. Jaishree Sharad carves a fuss-free path to beautiful skin. She is well known for her esteemed clientele from the Bollywood world.

Best Skin Expert Vogue Beauty Awards

Outstanding Contribution To The Beauty Industry : Mira Kulkarni

The managing director of the ayurvedic cosmetic brand ‘Forest Essentials’, Mira Kulkarni has rendered extraordinary beauty services globally and is worthy of the title.

Mira Kulkarni

Best Hairstylist : Keiichiro Hirano

Good hair-styling turns an absolutely boring look to a sexy and gorgeous one. The stylist whose work was thoroughly impressive was Keiichiro Hirano. He loves to blend texture with edgy elegance.

Best Hairstylist In Vogue Beauty Awards

Best Make-up Artist : Elton Fernandez

The tedious work of communicating the personality of celebrities or models to the audience was accomplished best by Elton J Fernandez.


Best Make-up Artist In Vogue Beauty Awards 2016

Model of the Year : Pooja Mor

Walking the ramp for renowned brands and designers like Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Pooja Mor earned the resplendent title courteously.

Model of the Year Pooja Mor

Best Nutritionist : Radhika Nazir

The world of film, fashion and glamour needs proper guidance in terms of nutrition. It’s all about eating right that helps in maintaining the demeanor, and Vogue has brought the best nutritionist to limelight, Radhika Nazir.

Without these beauty experts, the bad hair days, the make-up mishaps, the excess pounds of weight etc would be a herculean task to handle. We congratulate them on their achievement and applaud them for their extensive services to the industry.

Images Source: instagram.com, vogue.in

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