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Ways To Choose What Colour To Wear For Indian Dusky Skin

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Colors For Dusky Skin

Ways To Choose What Color To Wear

We have spoken about the color wheel in the past, which is why today we would focus a little more on ways to choose what color to wear. There may have been times when you wore a certain ensemble which looked so good on your friend or a celeb, but didn’t quite do the magic for you. Sounds familiar? And then you went for another option, which was pretty much a shade darker or lighter to what you wore first, and the results were disastrous. You know why that happened?

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Blame It On Your Undertone

There is a difference between surface tone and your skin undertone, which we have spoken about in the color wheel post. This is when we taught you how to choose concealers and foundation for your skin tone. The same way you would do when you have to know Ways to Choose What Color to Wear.

Colors For Dusky Skin Women

Various Undertones In India

Unlike the west, we Indian girls have various skin tones to flaunt. From the lightest ivories to the darkest ebonies and everything in between; your skin undertone is what is below the surface of your skin. It has three main groups though, which are-

Cool tones that are slightly pinkish, bluish or red, warm tones that are yellowish, peachish or golden and the neutral tones that are a combination of warm and cool undertones.

Colors For Dusky Brides

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Determine Your Truest Shade

Not all warm toned girls are pale and vice-versa, so let’s bunk that myth for good. Angelina Jolie, Hollywood diva isn’t cool toned even though she has a slightly pinkish hue. Deepika Padukone isn’t fully neutral toned, even though she has bluish tinges on her skin, especially below her eyes sans makeup.

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Colors For Dusky Bride

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So How Do You Determine Colors To Wear?

Take a look at the veins around your arms, the wrist zone especially. Is it blue or is it green? Blue means you have cool undertones whilst green means you have warm undertones.

Clothes Colors For Dusky Skin Lady

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To know which neutral shades would work best on you, look at yourself in a garment that has shades such as white, blacks and browns or grays too in front of a mirror. Focus on the areas especially on your face, around your eyes. If the area disperses creamy off whitish brownish tan shades, you then are a cool toned woman with a neutral touch, more than a warm toned woman with a neutral touch.

Colors For Dusky Skin Womens

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Look now at your eye color and your hair color, which will help define what undertone you could be. If the eye color is gray, blue or green, you fall under the cool toned category; if not, you then are the warm toned lass. The same would be with hair colour; cool toned would be the brown, black or the blondes, whilst warm tones would be the amber, hazel and red hair women.

Colors For Dusky Skin Girls

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Walk into the sun and get a little tan today. If the skin is goldenish brownish, or if you turn brown soon, it means you have a warm toned skin undertone. The ones with cool undertones would first tan and then the skin would burn into a brownish hue.

Also look for colors for dusky skin women celebs and colors for dusky brides (Bipasha Basu’s wedding album for example), and you would know how the play of yellows to reds, orange to browns, greens to camels and creams work wonders on warm toned Indian girls. If you are a cool toned Indian girl, you can play with purples, greens and blues, fuschia pinks with a blue base tone too.

Clothes Colors For Dusky Skin

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We hope this information on how to choose clothes colors for dusky skin and which colors suit you the best comes in handy!

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