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Ensuring The Legitimacy of the Products: 5 Ways To Spot Falsified Medication

by Fashionlady
Ways To Spot Falsified Medication

Drug imposters have been around for a long time deceiving patients who long for effective medications. Apart from duping buyers out of their income, falsified medications are a great risk to people’s health. Excipients or active ingredients may be poisonous, absent, or diluted to sub-potency. The effects of consuming counterfeit medication include drug resistance, therapeutic failure, and direct toxicity. To avoid these, here are five (5) ways to identify falsified medications.

Ways To Spot Falsified Medication

1. Visual Inspection:

As the World Health Organization indicates, visual inspection remains to be the most common technique for identifying fake drugs irrespective of what techniques were used in their production or analysis. Observation acts a lead to spotting fake products even when you are not aware of the physical characteristics of authentic drugs. Make sure you carefully examine the drug package as well as its content to ascertain that you are buying the right medications.

2. Lab Testing:

The pharmaceutical analysis is also an effective way to verify the authenticity of drugs. Through specialized tools, you can attain maximum quality coverage while at the same time minimizing the time used for testing. For instance, the NIT spectrometers and the Thermo Scientific handheld Raman have made it possible for biotechnology manufacturers to obtain quick and accurate verification of drugs within seconds. The good thing about these tools is that they have assisted in combating the spread of false medicines.

3. Price:

Another way to identify fake medication is through their prices. If the price of certain drugs is far cheaper than expected, then consider that a red flag. Nevertheless, this may not necessarily be true as there are some generic brands which are sold at the same rate as the genuine ones.

4. Unexpected Side Effects:

In most cases, counterfeit products contain inert material and not the appropriate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Additionally, the falsified medications may contain improper dosage, incorrect substances, or hazardous substances that don’t elicit therapeutic effects. Allergic reaction, abnormal side effects, or the worsening of medical condition could easily point towards fake medications. It is advisable to stop the medication if you happen to spot any of these side effects.


5. Source:

A drug’s source also determines if a person is purchasing a fake drug or not. Getting your prescription from a pharmacy that is well-known greatly minimize the chances of acquiring falsified medication. On the other hand, when you buy from unqualified and illiterate vendors hawking drugs in motor parks and buses, you increase the chances of buying falsified medication. There is also a high chance that the medications purchased in the black market are counterfeit, so avoid these places as well.


There are numerous counterfeit, substandard and gray drugs selling in the market, and the adverse effect of these medications know no boundaries. If the wrong ones are taken, drugs could be poisonous so you need to take the necessary measure to avoid falsified medication. The pointers above will help you to minimize the chances of buying fake drugs and their effects. By following the tips above, you’ll be in a position to spot falsified medication.

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