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Weekend Beauty Routine And Treatments

by Fashionlady
Beauty Routine

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By the time the week ends, you feel you have been in the take 2 version of World War 2 and look forward to relax your tired senses. Perhaps it is time for your weekly beauty treatments to reinvigorate, emerge once again beautiful and devoid of dark circles, tired feet and soothe your burning eyes.

Here is a list of weekly beauty treatments which are essential for reviving yourself and also preparing for the onslaught of a busy working week. This one is for all the loving mommies, dedicated homemakers, working women, and struggling students:

1) Deep conditioning treatment: How about doing something for your hair affected by pollution, bad maintenance and horrifying split ends? Start by massaging your hair with warm oil and gently massage in circular motions. Then apply a natural hair conditioner like a whipped egg or a combo os yoghurt and mayo onto your hair. Wash it off after 40 mins with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

With this, You will definitely fall in love with your hair over the weekend!

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2) Facial Mask: wash your face with a nice, foaming face cleanser.Then, exfloiate your face with a quality scrub to remove the dead cells and let your skin pores open up. Next, it is time to apply a face mask which could be home made or store bought. Opt for the herbal based face masks to spare your face the damage from chemicals and toxic materials.

3) A mini pedicure: How about giving your feet royal treatment every week? You need not rush to the salon for expensive and aromatic pedicures. A decent, short yet effective pedicure at home would do the trick – Soak your tired feet into a tub of warm water with bath salts and remove the dead skin with a foot file. Apply a soft, creamy lotion on your feet and wear nice, thick socks to keep your feet moisturised, beautiful and soft.

4) Pampering your hands: How about giving your hard working hands a delightful treat? Wash your hands, cut the overgrown and uneven nails, buff them and apply a beautiful coat of nail paint. This simple regime is enough to perk your hands up and make them look beautiful.

5) Exfoliating your body: How about using a quality home made body exfoliant like the coffee body scrub or a market ready exfoliant? Use it to remove the dead cells and keep your skin clean, healthy and glowing. At the end, apply nice, soothing and creamy body butter to moisturise your body and hydrate it.

Follow this regime to pamper your body and skipping the need to get expensive and elaborate beauty treatments at the parlor every week. This weekly regime will keep all the dead skin cells, grime, tiredness and damage at bay and keep you radiant, glowing for the rest of the week.

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