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What Are The Beauty Uses Of Ceramides For Skin? Here’s What You Should Know

by Fashionlady
Ceramides For Skin

Uses Of Ceramides For Skin

On a daily basis, we keep hearing in adverts on television and watching the same online, where it is mentioned that skin products have ceramides in them. The Uses Of Ceramides are very beneficial and plenty to choose from, but before that all, and before we tell you more about the Uses Of Ceramides, let’s take a look at what ceramides are?

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What Are Ceramides?

Also called a fat molecule type, ceramides are mostly housed in the upper most layers of our skin. Ceramides are important for our skin, since they act as a barrier and help lock in the moisture in our skin. This is why, most skincare products would talk vast about the uses of ceramides for skin, since the humble ceramide is responsible for treating skin issues- psoriasis and eczema to name some of them. Ceramides in skin products also helps with flaky dry skin issues, anti ageing, wrinkles and fine lines too.

What Are Ceramides

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What are the benefits of ceramides?

It depends on your skin type to know if there are ceramide side effects, but your skin specialist would be best to guide you on ceramides for skin, and which ceramides in skincare products you should be using. Here are a few general benefits that ceramides skin care products can help with.

Benefits Of Ceramides

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Dealing With Eczema

There are many studies across the globe that have shown ceramides working to help patients suffering from eczema. Ceramides are the reason why flare up durations are brought down, and the symptoms of eczema are reduced too.

Ceramides Skin Care Products

As An Anti Ageing Agent

For long, ceramides have been used in skincare products as an anti ageing agent, especially against abnormal skin dryness or xerosis. Studies published in the International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology show tests have been done to prove skincare products with ceramides in them improve skin defense and barrier functioning.


What Is Ceramides In Skin Care

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No More Irate Skin To Deal With

There are many elements around and irritants that annoy our skin, and research shows that ceramide based skincare products can help with skin protection, skin hydration and brings down the level of irritation on the skin too

Ceramides In Skincare

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Before You Buy Ceramides

Most skin care specialists would recommend that you pick ceramides in skincare products that have free fatty acids and cholesterol in them. This is because, the same are found naturally on our skin and hence works well to keep our skin safe.

Best Ceramides Skin Care Products

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Alternatives To Ceramides

If you don’t fancy using what is ceramides in skin care can offer, there are natural products that can keep your skin safe from harsh dryness too. for example, calendula, argan oil, neem oil and coconut oil, amongst the many sources of natural oils can help nourish, hydrate and balance the pH levels of the skin.

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