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What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On?

by Fashionlady
What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On
Every woman’s magazine, irrespective of its target audience’s age and social strata, has one thing in common—they all stress that we should never leave our makeup on when we go to bed at night. There is no two ways about it. While these magazines may contradict each other when it comes to other areas like fashion and what to wear this fall, when it comes to makeup, they all agree that a bare-to-bed routine is the best thing that you can do for your skin. If you’ve ever wondered if this was all just some big hype created to sell makeup removers, then this article is for you. I’m going to list out all the reasons why you should never sleep with your makeup on.

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It Leads to Breakouts and Blackheads

All of us know that our makeup products contain a long list of chemicals. So wearing them for more than eight hours a day would wreck havoc on our skin. When you go to bed with your makeup on, you are not letting your skin breathe. The pores get clogged by the makeup particles and this then leads to breakouts, rashes, blackheads and a long list of other issues.

Even if you’re not prone to breakouts, you might notice that if you leave your makeup on at nights, your skin suddenly starts acting up and gets rashes or acne. Well, that is your skin’s way of warning you not to abuse it like that. But simply washing your face with a face wash will not suffice either. You need to remove your makeup with a makeup remover and then cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. You do not have to rely on chemical based makeup removes, but you can make your own makeup removers at home too.

It Leads To Premature Aging

Sleeping with your makeup on could also lead to premature aging, and that is something everyone wants to avoid. As mentioned earlier, makeup clogs up your pores. This not only results in breakouts and rashes but also prevents the skin from forming new cells and shedding the dead cells. As a result, collagen breakdown occurs, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

The area around your eyes is especially delicate and sensitive. Leaving your makeup on will damage its sensitive tissue and lead to crow’s feet and patchiness. Also, when you sleep with your mascara on, your lashes get clumped together. They feel dry and brittle and may end up breaking. You also leave yourself susceptible to getting an eye infection.

sleeping with makeup

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It Acts As a Breeding Ground for Bacteria

Obviously, when your skin is mistreated, you leave yourself open to bacterial infection. Your skin becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. They thrive on the unclean, makeup streaked area, and get transferred onto your pillows and bed covers. So unless you fancy sleeping on a bed with bacteria and other germs, you would do well to clean your face before you retire for the night.

Ground for Bacteria

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So What Should You Do?

Now that you know that sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst mistakes that you can make as far as your skin is concerned, let’s look at how you should remove your makeup. Yes, there is a proper way to do it.

Invest in a good quality makeup remover, or if you don’t want to buy one, then you can use baby oil or coconut oil to remove your makeup. Coconut and baby oil are actually equally effective makeup removes. They won’t dry out your skin either, so go for it.

Remove the makeup using a cotton ball or a disposable piece of sponge. You don’t want to use a towel or any other material that might be harsh and abrasive on the skin. Be gentle yet firm while removing your eye makeup. You want to make sure that you’ve removed your makeup completely. You could also try using makeup remover wipes that are made at home.

Always Remove Makeup

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Next comes the cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. Invest in good quality products. They are going to be taking care of your skin.

If you have acne-prone or oily skin, removing your makeup becomes all the more important. So the next time you feel like you can’t even keep your eyes open and need to hit the bed, take a second to think about your poor skin and what it will have to endure if you don’t take that makeup off. Be kind to your skin and treat it well and it will reward you in return with long years of beautiful, glowing skin.

Now you know why all the magazines and the top beauticians at the saloons always ask you to remove your makeup before going to bed.

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