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What is Lip Augmentation: Should one go for it?

by Fashionlady
What is Lip Augmentation

What is Lip Augmentation Should one go for it

If sensuality is about the eyes, face and curves, it is also about pouty lips that happen to be the first point of attention.

With beauty revolutions happening by the day, fuller lips have come to be considered as aesthetic looking since they enhance the beauty of the entire face.

Here are the steps in Lip Augmentation. It’s a cosmetic procedure that gives you plump lips that we see in the current breed of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.

Lip Enhancement – The Method and Process

What is the method of Lip Enhancement? Is it simple or complicated? How long does it take? Can it be done in India or does one have to fly abroad for it? How expensive is it? Any side effects?

These are the common set of questions that any potential customer (married or unmarried girl) would have on the subject of Lip Augmentation.

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We make it simpler for you to understand. Lip augmentation (or lip enhancement) involves dermal fillers that are injected in your lips and mouth area. They are ideal for those who have thin lips. The purpose is to increase the lip volume and tackle the creases along the lip border. When done, it not only makes the face visually appealing but the post-procedure recovery time is also short.

Who can go for Lip Enhancement?

Needless to say, this process is advisable for adults not teenagers. Even old citizens can go for it in order to treat the age-related lines and creases in the lips that decrease lip volume. The consulting cosmetic surgeons normally show the ‘before and after’ pictures of patients handled previously by them so that the results of lip augmentation are clearly visible.

Lip Enhancement before and after

Source: cocovitz.fr

Effects of Lip Enhancement

Each beauty innovation has positive affects and side-effects too. Whenever you make up your mind for lip enhancement, weigh all things before going for it.


  • Lip injections are temporary and can be changed to your preference
  • Lip Implants and surgical enhancement are a permanent solution
  • Recovery is quick and takes one-day when done with injections and a week for lip surgery

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  • Temporary lip fillers require injections to be administered after every few months
  • Lip asymmetry can be a possibility
  • Implant removal becomes difficult
Effects of Lip Enhancement

Source: radiotartini.com

Lip augmentation procedure

Several methods are there for lip enhancement. You need to consult your surgeon on the aesthetic goals and recovery time before going for it. On an average, two or more of these procedures are required to get the right look.

Injections – Fat Transfer

In this procedure, fat from your body can be taken from another part of your body through liposuction and injected into your lips. You might have to go for repeat injections till the desired result is achieved.

Surgery – Lip Implant

Lip implants can be inserted inside the mouth corners – either natural or synthetic implants depending on what your surgeon decides for you.

Surgery – Lip Lift

Those facing loose skin around the mouth can go for this option. An incision is made under the nose and the skin is shortened to pull up the lips. To lift a mouth which is turning downward, small incisions are made on the side of the mouth so that the extra skin can be removed.

Surgery – Dermal Graft

It is a permanent method of augmenting the lips by advancing the lip forward surgically, with incisions inside the mouth.

Surgery – Vermillion Advancement

In this procedure, an incision is made along the coloured portion of the lips. A strip of skin is removed and then the coloured portion is pulled to increase the area of the lips.

Lip augmentation procedure

Source: powersmdwellness.com

Risks Involved

Complications from lip enhancement are not that many. Surgery implications can be minor through:

  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Blood accumulation or fluid under the skin that might require removal
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Allergic reactions
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Unsatisfactory results that may call for additional procedures

The best way to minimize risks of lip enhancement is by following the advice and instructions of a certified plastic surgeon, both before and after. But one needs to be mentally prepared for it too. After all, it’s your choice so think about it before saying yes to lip augmentation.

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