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What Is Potassium And Why Is It Important In Your Diet?

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High Potassium Foods

Good health starts by having a body that is nourished. In order for cells to continue functioning normally, potassium is needed. It is an essential mineral that is often neglected in normal diets. Foods high in potassium can save your life and is proven to lower blood pressure. Take the time to learn about the health benefits of the mineral and how you can make it a part of your diet.

Potassium Diet

It’s More Than Bananas:

The first thing people think of when you say the word potassium is bananas. Although it is a fruit rich in potassium, that is not the only source. Before you start going through the foods that contain the mineral, take the time to understand what potassium is.

How well your heart functions depends on cell health. There are many ways to improve this, but one of the easiest is with a diet that contains rich sources of potassium. One thing that goes unnoticed is how sodium can sneak into foods you commonly eat. This, along with other minerals are not bad in small quantities but can become troublesome when you get too much.

Sources of potassium are generally good to have without going overboard in other areas. Balance is important, and potassium-rich foods fit perfectly in that category. But even with that bit of understanding, you still need to know which foods work the best. Over time, a well-planned routine will give you the best outcome.

Foods That Contain Potassium:

There are over ten major foods that contain potassium. But the key is finding the ones that give you the most potassium without adding other things. White beans, beets, spinach, oranges, and bananas are the top choices for balance with your potassium. Bananas are the most well known out of that group and contain about twelve percent of the recommended daily intake of potassium. Oranges and orange juice are not a bad option and a great choice when you want some additional vitamin C.

Spinach, beets and white beans are the vegetable choices on the list. They contain just as much potassium as the fruit choices. With this in mind, it becomes easier to make protein-rich recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even with restrictive diets, there is enough variety to keep things interesting.

Why It’s Important:

Passive health benefits make up a large portion of any diet. If you understand how health problems are connected, then it is easy to love the benefits of potassium. High blood pressure, strokes, and heart disease are all related. By consuming the daily recommended amount of potassium per day, you can lower the risk of all three.

One of the most popular diets recommended by doctors is the DASH trial. The main highlight of the plan is its higher intake of potassium.

Other popular diets that leave you with a deficit in daily vitamins and minerals can be boosted with a multivitamin. So even when potassium isn’t the core of your plan, it is still possible to get the recommended dose.

Wrap Up:

There are a lot of small things that you can do to help improve a body. Potassium fits that category and should be prioritized for a healthy life. Keep your house stocked with potassium sources so that you never have to worry about being deficient. Whether through food or supplements, there is always room for potassium.

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