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What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party

by Fashionlady
Office Christmas Party

It’s time for your office Christmas party and you’re all excited about picking out your party outfit. But of course you realize that this is one of those situations where you have to get your outfit just right. Christmas is a time to be festive and a Christmas party definitely calls for something fun. But at the same time you do not want to be the topic of gossip for weeks after the party. So your outfit must help you make a good impression without being overly ostentatious.

Office Christmas Party

Know the Dress Code:

Don’t assume when it comes to dress codes and office parties. Check with the head organizer to get a feel of what would be an acceptable party wear. Also discuss with your colleagues so you have an idea of how they are going to dress up. This will help you cut down any confusion and make a clear choice when it comes to outfits.

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Dress Modestly:

No matter how relaxed your office crowd is and how chilled out their attitude towards clothing is, you need to maintain your image. Dress modestly, nothing too flashy, nothing too skimpy. Wear something decent and relatively safe. Your daring neck lines and backless dresses should be reserved for your wild nights with your friends.

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Have a Spare Outfit:

So you’ve selected your outfit and it fits all your criteria perfectly. It’s all settled then right? Except if there’s an accident and you end up spilling your drink all over your dress. Think ahead about such possible catastrophes and have a fall back outfit handy. Carry it in your bag so that you can slip into it if anything does go wrong.

Accessorize Right:

Accessories should be considered an extension of your outfit. So all the pointers about choosing the right outfit also apply to choosing the right accessories. Pick simple accessories that will go well with the dress. You can wear a statement piece, but just make sure that it does not stick out like a sore thumb. You want to look unique but not out of place.


Outfit Ideas:

Check out these photos to gain some idea as to how to dress for your company’s Christmas party. Please note that while all these outfits are decent and cannot be considered skimpy or tacky in any way, you still need to make a call based on your work environment. Would a demure dress be a good choice or should you just go in for a pair of trousers with a dressy top instead? Consider your work environment, the dress code for the party, and what your colleagues will be wearing. Knowing the answer to these questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Outfit Ideas Office Christmas Party

Some Basic Etiquette to be followed

  • Drink moderately. Yes there is an open bar but an office party is not the place to drink till you’re sloshed. Sip your drink and have a glass of water now and then to counter the effect of alcohol.
  • Do the rounds. Make it a point to mix and mingle among the crowd. Don’t just stick to people from your department or your team. Consider it an opportunity to do some good networking and build relationships.
  • Don’t leave too early. No matter how boring the party is, make sure you are not the first person to leave. You don’t want to come across as aloof and be labeled “not-a-team-player”. Make effort to genuinely enjoy yourself and stay for a long time, at least long enough to not be one of the first ones to leave.

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