What Your Hair Speak About Your Personality


What Your Hair Speak About Your Personality
The way you speak, what you speak, the way you emote and your body languages are known signs of telling someone a thing or two about your personality. But, what is also surprising is, your hairstyle too can reveal so much about you. Derived from the basic principles of Chinese medicine, here’s our take on what a lady’s locks might just reveal about her personality.

1. Women with thicker hair often means they have an undying willpower

Just like it is said about women with thick eyebrows, women with thick and luscious locks are known to possess a lot of strong willed energy, to the extent that you might appear to be stubborn too. On the contrary, if a women has thin hair it means that they might be quite delicate.

Women with thicker hair often means they have an undying willpower
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2. Women with super long hair is often afraid of change in her life

Unless and until she is sporting extensions, women with longer hair are known to be afraid of changes. They are often known to be the sentimental types who believe in following a pattern in life and sticking close to it.

Women with super long hair is often afraid of change in her life
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3. Women with curly hair, who want to straighten them all the time, are known to lead a very chaotic life

It is a known fact that in Chinese medicine, all systems mostly strive for balance, and there is an undercurrent desire to achieve balance in life. So, women who tend to straighten curly hair every now and then, it means they are always striving for controlling the intensity, giving themselves a sense of calmness.

Women with curly hair
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4. Women who love sporting their naturally curly hair are known to be fun loving and mushy-hearted kind of personalities

Women with curly hair tend to generate a lot of task-completer kind of feel. They are known for their in-the-face and fiery personalities, which exude passion, love, insight and leadership qualities. Known for their expressiveness and reason, they are often touted to be the drama queens and might have a hard time focusing on thing for too long.


curly hair
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5. If you are someone who always love going into heavy-duty hairstyles, then you are quite self-critical and adore drama to say the least

You are someone who loves getting decked up for hours, and taking out time for yourself is very important aspect of your daily routine. It might mean that you are anxious, self-critical and you are often worried about the details in things you wear. It also means that you could be a drama queen who likes getting attention always.

heavy duty hairstyles
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6. If you have chosen to shave off your head, then you might be the die-hard romantic types

Being bald is a sign of positivity in Chinese face reading and it often means that you have a huge heart, one that is always up for loving someone intuitively. You bear a very sparkling personality and are often on a lookout for your next romantic endeavour.

die hard romantic types
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7. Women who always tend to sport a carefree, messy bun kind of look, always tend to put their needs at last

These are very family-oriented women who always care less about themselves, but more about the task at hand and family comes first for them. They are very easy-to-go kind of people, who would just tuck their hair behind the ear and hit the road.

messy bun kind of look
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8. If you love your layered hairstyle, you are most probably a perfectionist

Having layers done in order to put your best foot forward simply means that you love being organised in life and for you the idea of everything perfect is how ideally things should have been done.


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