Why Fashion Designers Can’t Leave Black Alone


Fashion Designers

The love affair with black continues…

I have already discussed my addiction with black and white in my previous edition. In this edition, I am going to tell you how the entire fashion domain is so much obsessed with black and why just fashion designers can leave this color alone. Read on to know why!!

A decade ago, I hired a taxi from my hotel to Delhi Fashion Week. The cab driver baffled to see a moving sea of fashionista decked-up head-to-toe in black and asked me, “What’s that? Why everyone in black? Some religious cult?”

Well, he had a point. It was obvious for an ignorant person like that driver to be gawped in puzzlement with that sight.

I didn’t explain that driver, but would rather like to do it here in this post. Continue reading!

black and white fashion photography

There is something bounding on the persuasive in fashion’s sanctity to the color black, in the same as orange is for sadhus and white for saints. Since that taxi journey, the wardrobes of Indian women have dramatically changed, however trends such as floral prints, color blocking, the neon craze and pastel fashion have managed to float on the surface current. However underneath there is the darker, mysterious tide which just pulls everyone towards black.


No matter how much the fashion industry pronounces at intervals that orange, red or blue is the new black, no color has able to takeover the enigma and charm this very color beholds.

black prom dress

If you visit any online shopping site or any marketplace such as eBay, and if you search for apparels or accessories in black, you’ll be bombarded with atleast 3 millions of items, which is ‘x’ number of times as many as blue, grey or red. Irrespective of any season, the numbers are always high and top the list when it comes to purchasing anything that belongs to fashion industry.

It’s not like I have abandoned other colors blessed by the Mother Nature. I do wear other colors, I do not feel myself comfortable and fashionable in other colors, as much as I feel in this particular shade. For me, this shade is as natural as breathing.

As Karl Lagerfield has said, “One can never be overdressed or under dressed in a little black dress”. So, I feel safe and not to be ever caught by the fashion police because of this bold color. Even when I was not writing for fashion and had little knowledge about this industry, I was drawn towards the rails of black. It just happened to me naturally.

little black dress

The above question has been daunting me for years and may be even the fashion designers, who are bombarded with the same question day in and day out. So, let me just try to answer this question on the behalf of everyone, who love black for once and for all.

No other color performs so many duties and rituals as black, ranging from rebellion of youth (goths and punks), business dealings, lawyers, judges, hospitality industry, uniform of underworld dons and even the serene outerwear of Muslim women (burkhas). this color is extremely versatile and always high on fashion. It signifies power and austerity. No other color can ever hide your weight smartly like black.

So, how exactly did my explanation, my friends and allies pull justify to the questions? Do not forget to leave your comments and also your favorite color.

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