Why Staying Fit During Pregnancy Is Extremely Important


Why staying fit during pregnancy is extremely important
Staying fit and exercising during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for you and your baby, both. However, you should always take advice from your gynaecologist before starting a fitness program. A moderate level of physical activity is generally encouraged during pregnancy to sustain cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular strength. Nevertheless, it is important to make a few changes in your daily exercising routine during pregnancy depending on various stages of pregnancy.

Stay Physically Fit

Various studies have proved that women who remain physically active during pregnancy experience fairly less painful and shorter labor. Moreover fit and active women recover pretty quickly after delivery and get back in their original shape more easily as compared to inactive women.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food, drinking loads of fluid and staying physically active can help you in managing minor aches and pains during pregnancy while giving you mental positivity and emotional strength.

Exerting too much stress during work-out is not good for any stage of pregnancy, ensure that you warm-up your body before starting any form of exercise. Weightlifting is another way to stay fit during pregnancy.

Prenatal stretching exercises

You can learn to do some prenatal stretching exercises with the help of a certified yoga instructor; Yoga helps in improving fitness level and flexibility during pregnancy which in turn reduces pregnancy related back aches.

Prenatal stretching exercises
source : agoramedia.com

Don’t forget that all pregnancies are different from each other so your work-out regime should be customized according to your body during and after pregnancy. Moderate abdominal exercises may help your body cure stretched and torn muscles naturally.

Most of the gynaecologists’ advise that pregnant ladies can slowly start incorporating supervised and individualised exercising regime into their daily routine. In general, fitness experts suggest light intensity walking for 40-45 minutes daily; it helps in maintaining leg strengthening and cardiovascular health. Nowadays prenatal yoga, light dancing and swimming is getting very popular among fitness focused pregnant women.

Gentle dance moves

Gentle dance moves help you keep flexible and active; Dancing for a few minutes gives you a number of advantages such as better stamina and shorter labor pains during child birth. Similarly, swimming for half an hour or lesser, depending on your comfort level boosts blood circulation, reduces back pain and also improves your strength during pregnancy.


Remember: Jumping, jerking and bending backwards are not advised during any stage of pregnancy.

Deep breathing exercises

If you regularly practice deep breathing exercises during pregnancy, you can easily master those breath control techniques to deal with the pain during child birth. Deep breathing exercise for about 20 minutes daily increases oxygen supply to your little one.

Several researches and studies conducted in various parts of the world have reconfirmed the fact that ladies who stay active during their pregnancy deliver healthier babies as compared to those who mostly stay inactive and less fit.

Stay Hydrated

Try to keep your body hydrated as much as possible. However staying hydrated is always a good thing but it becomes especially crucial during pregnancy, dehydration may cause several complication so keep sipping some fluid or just plain water during and after your exercise.

Wear comfortable outfits

However it may not seem that important, but your pregnancy clothing can greatly impact on how comfortable you feel during your exercise sessions. Pick the right kind of sports outfit and always keep your comfort and ease in mind while buying these outfits.

Hope this article on staying fit during pregnancy is helpful to you all.


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