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You’ve Heard Of Honey For Blackheads Treatment? Here’s The Scoop

by Fashionlady
Blackhead Removal

Honey For blackheads

Pure honey is the best to use, but if you don’t find it around, you could use the ones you find online or at the grocery mart for beauty needs. Honey for blackheads isn’t a new concept. From age old times we have heard of our greatest grandmothers use it, which is why even till date, Honey for blackheads has been the norm in many Indian households.

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Before we tell you more about how Honey for blackheads would be the best treatment for all skin issues, and give you a detailed overview on how flour and honey can actually clear the skin of blackheads, let’s learn about some of the benefits honey can have on our skin and then a recipe for blackhead removal using Honey for blackheads. Let’s get started learning more about Honey for blackheads, shall we!

honey for blackheads on nose

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Benefits Of Using Honey For Blackhead Removal

Your skin is the most sensitive organ of the body, let’s admit to that. And you have to be very diligent and caring about the same. This is why you should know how best to use any natural product, which doesn’t only care for the skin but feeds it too and keeps it well-nourished all the time. This is why we are going to make you aware about the benefits of honey on the face with blackhead removal in focus.

  1. Honey is known to gently remove dirt from the skin, grime and impurities as well. And in the bargain, honey also helps restore the balance of natural oils on the skin. Conventional face washes and cleansers can strip the skin of natural oils, but honey used as a face wash wouldn’t. Just a teaspoon of honey rubbed on the face would be enough. After ten minutes wash the face with warm water or cold and the skin would be supple and soft.
  2. Did you know honey is known for its probiotic properties and is a natural antibacterial agent too? If you would like the skin to be safe from pimples, acne and breakouts, a teaspoon of honey should be consumed or applied topically on the skin. Do this everyday for ten minutes, massage honey into the skin and wait. Wash it off and be happy, because your skin would be safe from acne now.
  3. If you suffer from acne, eczema. Rosacea, sensitive skin issues and more, you could gently rub honey on the affected zones and leave it to dry. Honey is the best doctor your skin could ask for. It would help dry the areas affected and in time heal the issues too.
  4. Honey is perfect for all skin types because it helps moisturize the skin and balances the pH levels and the oil production in the skin too.
  5. Honey in comparison to conventional products doesn’t have chemicals in it, and the best part is, it comes for cheap.
  6. Manuka honey is the best honey for very sensitive skin since it has antibacterial properties and healing touches that can save the skin.


Health Benefits of Honey

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Why Use Raw Honey For A Face Wash?

Raw honey is filled with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which can help heal the skin and keep it clean as well. Raw honey is not filtered or pasteurized, making it all natural to use and doesn’t play havoc with the skin as well. The honey used for blackhead removal should always be raw, as much as possible or else no worries if you pick one from the local store.

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Before we tell you more about how is honey used for face as a face wash, please remember, it is not an alternative for makeup removal. What we want you to understand here is that honey removes dirt and grime from the pores, but is adhesive by nature- it could make the cosmetic stick to the skin. Honey therefore should be used only on a face that has NO MAKEUP!

Use a tablespoon of honey mixed with a little lime to wash the face as you would normally use a face wash. The regime should be done twice a day- morning and night, which helps restore the oils and the pH level balance of the skin.

blackhead treatment

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How To Use It As A Face Wash?

Take a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lime juice. Mix the two and smoothen it gently all over your face, your neck and the forehead. Wait till it dries and then wash it off with warm water. Pat the face dry and use a herbal toner to tone the skin.

how is honey used for face

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This would not only clean the skin but be the best blackhead removal method to use as well.

Now do you understand why honey for blackheads on nose and chin is the best to use- isn’t this the easiest blackhead treatment ever?

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